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Carolyn Ann (Hemmelgarn) and Larry Ernest Schaefer

Born on Dec 14 1941 in Ft. Wayne, In.

Carol married Larry Ernest Schaefer on Apr 24 1959

in Salem Luthern Church,Harlan, Indiana

Larry was b. Oct 30, 1939 in Hicksville,Ohio

Son of Ernest John Schaefer and Flossie Pearl Baughman

Carol and Larry renewed their marriage vows in June of 1979

at Our Lady of Good Hope Catholic Church in Ft.. Wayne Indiana

Carol and Larry's Children:

1. Carol Sue Schaefer

b. Feb 26 1960 in Ft. Wayne, In.

Carol married Mark Allen Roemke on Oct 28 1978

b. Mar 2 1955 in Ft. Wayne, Indiana

He is the son of Alfred and Marian (Closson) Roemke

Carol Sue and Mark had 4. children:

1. Tiffany Nicole ROEMKE

b. Oct 8 1981 in Ft. Wayne, In.

2. Lindsay Marie ROEMKE

b. Oct 2 1983 in Ft. Wayne, In..

3. Jonathon Allen ROEMKE

b. Jan 17 1986 in Ft. Wayne, In..

4. Adam Michael ROEMKE

b. May 19 1988 in Ft. Wayne, In..

2. Debra Ann SCHAEFER

b. May 17 1962 in Ft. Wayne, In.

Debby married Paul Vaz De Carvalho on April 23 1982 in the Azore Islands

They divorced in 1985

Debra and Paul had 2. children:

1.Paul Felipe Vaz De Carvalho

b. Mar 19 1983 in Homestead, Florida.

2. Ricardo George Vaz De Carvalho

b. Oct 2 1984 in Portugal

Debra married David Krohn in Jan. 1991

They divorced in 1993

No Children from this marriage

Debra married Daniel Murphy

on Mar. 18, 2000 in Ft. Wayne, IN.

Debra and Dan had a child

Samantha Ann Murphy

b. Nov. 19, 2000 in Anderson , In.

3. Pamela Jo Schaefer

May 17 1962 in Ft. Wayne, Indiana

Pam married David Stewart on Feb 12 1983 in Homestead, Florida

b. Nov 11 1957 in Illinois

He is the son of John and Evelyn Stewart

Pam and David had 4. children:

1. Clinton John Stewart

b. May 7 1985 in Georgia

2. Keith David Stewart

b.May 2 1988 in Georgia


3. Christina Nicole Stewart

b. May 2 1988 in Georgia

4.Brooke L. Stewart

b. Oct 1 1991 in Georgia

4. Larry Ernest Schaefer Jr.

Jan 15 1964 Ft. Wayne, Indiana

Larry married Belinda Benten in June 1983

She is the daughter of Don and Waunita Benten

they divorced in 1985

Larry JR and Belinda had a son

Zachary Lawrance Schaefer

b. Oct 28 1984 in Rantoul,Illinois

Larry married Kathy (Koehl Neuman) July 6 1991 in Waynedale, Indiana

b. Jan 23 1954 in Ft. Wayne, Indiana

She is the daughter of Herb and Irene Koehl

Kathy was a widow when she married Larry

Kathy and Terry Neuman had 2. children , which we took to love as our own.

1. Amanda M. Neuman

b. Nov 10, 1976 in Ft. Wayne, Indiana

Mandy married Dan Broadnax July 1997 in Ft. Wayne, In.

2. Lisa Ann Neumann

b. Mar 21 1979 in Ft. Wayne,Indiana

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