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(ABOUT 1896)

Provided to Lois Mauk ( by
the late Darlene Bushfield of
Coeur D'alene, Idaho
on August 31, 1996

The following page numbers
indicate the pages as numbered
in the copy provided to
me by Darlene Bushfield

Page 3 (the beginning of the document provided to me):
"Elizabeth Erskine was born in County Down, married Samuel Bushfield in County Tyrone, Ireland in 1777, and came to this country in 1788 {or 1798) from County Tyrone, Parish of Clogher. They had three children when they started from Ireland: John, Margaret and Elizabeth, a babe who died on the sea and was buried in the Atlantic. The next child was also called Elizabeth, Jane, Rebecca, Mary and Ann.

"John Bushfield was born in County Tyrone in 1778, married Miss Ella Oldham on February 28, 1809 at West Alexandria, Viriginia. They had nine daughters and three sons: Elizabeth, Sarah, Samuel, William, Margaret, John M., Jane F., Mary, Rebecca, Hannah and Ellen.

"Elizabeth Bushfield was born February 29, 1810, did not marry and died January 1878. Sarah Bushfield was born December 10, 1811, married Merrill Hough on October 26, 1849. They had no children. Sarah Bushfield Hough died October 31, 1893. Samuel Bushfield was born August 20, 1813. He married Sarah J. Cooper January 19, 1837. They had five children: Thomas M., John Oldham, Josiah Cooper, George Elbridge and Emma Catherine. Thomas M. Bushfield was born August 13, 1838. John Oldham Bushfield was born July 11, 1840; Josiah Cooper Bushfield was born January 23, 1842 and died November 14, 1879; George Elbridge Bushfield was born July 26, 1844 and died April 2, 1863; Emma Catherine Bushfield was born December 11, 1851. Samuel Bushfield died March 30, 1856."

Page 4:
"William Bushfield was born June 7, 1815. He married Belinda McDonald April 16, 1840. They had seven children: Sarah E., John McDonald, Caroline M., Elizabeth Anne, William Blair, Samuel and James Pogue. Sarah K. Bushfield was born August 30, 1841 and died July 9, 1842, aged 10 months and 9 days. John McDonald Bushfield was born December 16, 1843. He belonged to Co. D, 12th W.Va. Regiment, died at home May 15, 1863 at the age of 19. {Mrs. Darlene Bushfield (address above), has a photograph of John McDonald Bushfield and notes that he "died in his parents' barn of malaria in Civil War; he was home on leave".} Caroline M. Bushfield was born January 28, 1845. She married Joseph Whitham March 8, 1869 and died near Paxton, Illinois, April 11, 1870, at the age of 24 years. Elizabeth Anne Bushfield was born December 14, 1848 and died August 7, 1912, aged 63 years. William Blair Bushfield was born January 8, 1851. He married Sarah Gilmore. They had two daughters, Cora and Edna. William Blair Bushfield died ________________, aged _______. Samuel Bushfield was born August 6, 1853. He married Laura B. Chambers October 2, 1879, at her Father's home near West Alexander, Pa. They had four children: Mary Olive, Grace McDonald, William Chambers and Paul Addison. Mary Olive Bushfield was born July 31, 1881 at her Grandfather Chambers' home near West Alexander. She married Emile Grandjean February 3, 1916 at her parents' home in Boise, Idaho. Emile Grandjean was born in Copenhagen, Denmark, the son of Daniel and Nathalia Grandjean. He was Supervisor of the Boise National Forest for many years before he died at Caldwell, Idaho (where they moved in 1924) on August 8, 1942. They had two children, Donald Emile, born in Boise, Idaho, May 9, 1916 and Ruth Grandjean.

"Donald Emile Grandjean was a Staff sergeant in the Air Force from enlistment May 15, 1942 to October 4, 1945, when he was honorably discharged. He spent most of his service at Jefferson Barracks, Mo., then at Grande Prairie, Canada and a short time at Palm Springs, Cal. Since his discharge he has been a salesman for Phillips Petroleum and Gem State Oil. He was married February 4, 1944 to Miss Wyoma Howe at Pocatello, Idaho. They have two children, Beckie Sue born July 30, 1946 at Pocatello, Idaho, and Mary Lou born July 8, 1951 at Twin Falls, Idaho. Their home is in Twin Falls, Idaho.

"Ruth Grandjean was born June 16, 1918 at Boise, Idaho. She was married to Elting {???} Eugene Stevenson July 4, 1946. They had three children: two girls and a boy. Mary Kathleen was born in Boise, Idaho, March 27, 1948; Linda Anne was born August 17, 1949 at Seattle, Washington; Douglas Eugene was born April 10, 1953 in Boise.

"Grace McDonald Bushfield was born September 8, 1883 at West Alexander, Pa. She married Elmer E. Cramer June 12, 1912 in Washington, Pa. They have one daughter, Dorothy, who married Robert Lunson January 8, 1942 in Washington, Pa. Dorothy and Robert Lunson have 3 daughters: Jane Ann, born February 3, 1943; Mary Christina, born December 21, 1946; Dorothy Sue , born November 15, 1950. The Lunson family live at Portsmouth, Va. The Cramer family live at Canonsburg, Pa.

"William Chambers Bushfield was born at West Alexander, Pa., August 29, 1887. He married Lillian Boyd __________ at Galveston, Texas. They had no children. William died August 16, 1954 at San Antonio, Texas. He was a 2nd Lt. in World War 2, serving in France, and had been a Civil Engineer with the Dept. Of Highways of Texas for many years.

Page 5:
"Paul Addison Bushfield was born December 18, 1896, at West Alexander, Pa. He married Gladys M. Lowmiller June 30, 1918, at Boise, Idaho. They had three children: Polly Ann, William and John Paul. Polly Ann was born April 2, 1919 and died April 15, 1920. William died at birth. John Paul was born March 19, 1924. Samuel Bushfield was an Elder in the United Presbyterian Church at West Alexander, Pa. until the family moved to Washington, Pa. In 1898. They lived in Washington until 1910 when they moved to Boise, Idaho, but returned to West Alexander in 1924, where he died in June 1926. This is the history of the William and Belinda Bushfield family. William Bushfield died April 8, 1887.

"Margaret Bushfield was born March 14, 1817. She married James M. Byers. They had two children: Horace and Annette. Margaret Bushfield died in October 1848.

"John M. Bushfield was born March 11, 1819. He was a graduate of Washington & Jefferson College, Washington, Pa. He was a lawyer of great ability in Cambridge, Ohio. He married Miss Eliza Moore, December 25, 1842. They had five children: William M., Laura Francis, Harriet Ella, Lola M. And John A. William M. was born Oct. 11, 1845. Laura Francis was born Nov. 12, 1847 and died Feb. 29, 1860; Harriet Ella was born Feb. 26, 1850; Lola M. was born July 17, 1852 and died Jan. 26, 1858; John A. was born August 9, 1855. He married in 1879. They had three children: John Harlan, born August 1881; Anna, born 1885 and Laura D. born 1883.

"Jane F. Bushfield was born January 18, 1821. She married Theodore Whitehead, January 25, 1850. They had four children: Mary Abigail, Alice, Sarah and Hilda Jane. Mary Abilgail was born October 26, 1850 and died June 22, 1865; Alice was born August 4, 1855; Sarah was born May 16, 1857 and Hilda Jane was born October 25, 1862. Jane F. Bushfield Whitehead died July 25, 1865 at age of 44 years.

"Mary Bushfield was born February 18, 1823. She married Thomas Jones in August 1867. They had no children. She died October 31, 1901.

"Rebecca Bushfield was born March 14, 1825. She married William J. Vail at Delaware, Ohio. They had no children.

"Hannah Bushfield was born March 22, 1827. She married George W. Hobart October 10, 1856. They have six children and live in Missouri.

"Ellen Bushfield was born April 9, 1829. She married Samuel Tibbals, December 26, 1852. They have seven children. Ellen Bushfield Tibbals, died _____________.

"This is the history of the John and Ella Oldham Bushfield family. John Bushfield died October 22, 1876, aged 98 years. His wife, Ella Oldham Bushfield, died 1852 at the age of 62 years.

"Margaret Bushfield was born in 1780 in County Tyrone, married Matthew Porter. She had no family. She died near West Union, Marshal Co., W.Va.

Page 6:
"Elizabeth Zonth Bushfield was born about 1790 near Washington, Washington Co., Pa. She married William McCoy. They had seven children. They both died young. Their oldest son, Daniel, was married in Pittsburgh, Pa. Three weeks afterwards, he was eating a piece of pheasant. He got a piece of bone fastened in his throat and bled to death. Their second son, Samuel, married. He lives in Steubenville, Ohio. Their third son, James, died near Tridelphia, W.Va. Their fourth son, John, died in the south in the time of the war. Their eldest daughter, Eliza, married Nickerson and had a son and daughter. The daughter died some years ago in Philadelphia, Pa. The son married ________ and they both died young in Steubenville, Ohio. Their second daughter, Ann, married Josiah Emmerry. Both died in Illinois. They left a family. Their third daughter, Margaret, married George Eckels. They had three children: Mary, George and John. Mary married John McCoy, a first cousin of her Mother's. She has five children. They live about five miles southeast of West Alexander, Pa.

"This is the history of the Elizabeth Zonth Bushfield and Wm. McCoy family.

"Jane Bushfield was born about 1794 near Washington, Washington Co., Pa. She married Robert McFarland. They lived near West Liberty, Ohio Co., West Virginia and had seven children. Their two oldest sons (Samuel and James) died young. Their third son, William, married Miss Alice Curtis. They live in California. Their fourth son, John, married Miss Ella Gow. They live in Delaware, Delaware Co., Ohio. He has a large wool factory there. Their eldest daughter, Elizabeth, married her cousin, John McFarland. They lived in Finn County, Iowa. She is dead. Their second daughter, Jane, married William Darling. They have a family and live in Missouri. Their third daughter, Margaret, married John Doble. They have a family and live in San Francisco, Calif. He is the mayor of the City.

"This is the history of the Robert and Jane Bushfield McFarland family. Robert McFarland was a very good man. He was an invalid for many years and died in 1858. His wife, Jane, died in 1860.

"Rebecca Bushfield was born about 1797 near Washington, Washington Co., Penna. She was not married and died _________ near Chillicothe, Ohio.

"Mary Bushfield was born near Washington, Washington Co., Penna. She married William Lucas. They had eight children: Samuel, Margaret, Elizabeth, Zillah, Isaac, Jane, Rebecca and John. Mary Bushfield Lucas died and was buried at West Union. Some years after William Lucas moved with all of his family to Ross County, Ohio, except Margaret, who married James Little. She died and left one son, William, who married his cousin, Ms. Mary Henry. They live in Lyons, Rice County, Kansas. Samuel Lucas was the oldest member of the family. He married Miss. Maria Nicely. They had six children: Franklin, Clara and Helen all died young. William married Miss Elizabeth Wear. They live in Rice County, Kansas. Mary Elizabeth married Dr. George B. Woods. They have three sons and lived in West Alexander and Washington, Penna. Harry married Miss Emily Rinehart. They live in Pittsburgh, Penna. Samuel Lucas died March 2, 1865. Elizabeth Lucas married Joseph Henry. They both died young and left three small children: Mary (who married her cousin, William Little), Charles Henry (who lives with his Uncle, John Lucas) and Josephine Henry (who died in childhood). Zillah Lucas . . . .

Page 7:
". . . was not married. She died November 15th, 1889. Isaac Lucas married and lives in California. Jane Lucas is not married. She lives with her brother, John Lucas. Rebecca Lucas married James Roney. He died some years ago. His widow and daughter, Margaret, are living in New Concord, Ohio. John Lucas married Miss Gissa Wear. They live near Lyons, Rice County, Kansas.

"This is the history of the William and Mary Bushfield Lucas family. William Lucas died in ________ near Chillicothe, Roscoe County, Ohio.

"Ann Bushfield was born October 1806. She married George W. Faunce August 27, 1829. They had eight children. Elizabeth B. died October 27, 1837, age 7 years. Joseph B. Faunce belonged to the 14th Ind. Battery. He was married, but his wife only lived seven months. Sophrina M. Faunce is not married; she lives in Wabash, Indiana. William W. Faunce died Sept. 25, 1856, aged 30 years. Samuel B. Faunce married Miss Priscilla Wanbaugh. They had two children: the daughter died aged one year; the son, Daniel W. Faunce, is living in Peru, Marion County, Indiana. Samuel B. Faunce went west and is supposed to be dead. George W. Faunce is not married. Cecilia Faunce died July 21, 1870, aged 85 years. _______ A. Faunce married Rev. Horatio F. Olmstead, a Presbyterian minister. They have one child: a daughter. They live at ___ockland, Ohio.

"This is the history of the George W. and Ann Bushfield Faunce family.

"George W. Faunce was born in New Hampshire, June 1808; died in Lebanon, Missouri in 1878, age 68 years. His wife, Ann Bushfield Faunce, died March 3, 1887, age 80 years, at Wabash, Mo.

"This is the history of the Samuel and Elizabeth Erskine Bushfield family. Elizabeth Erskine died in 1853, age 95 years, and her husband, Samuel Bushfield, died some years before. They were buried in West Alexander, Washington County, Penna.

"John Erskine was born in 1764 in County Down, Ireland, and came to this country with his mother, Margaret Crumley Erskine, in 1788. His sister, Elizabeth Bushfield, and family came at the same time. He settled in Chester County, Penna. His mother, Margaret Crumley Erskine, died and was buried in the Great Valley Presbyterian graveyard, Chester County, Penna. He married Miss Margaret Trainor in 1805. They had ten children: Robert, William, John, David G., Samuel B., James W., Ebenezer, Margaret, George and Thomas. Robert Erskine married _________ and died in Ohio. He left three children: two sons and one daughter. The sons, John and Ebenezer, live in Iowa. The daughter married and lives in Missouri. William Erskine married ____________. He died, left one son, who lives in Lexington, Mo. John Erskine married and they had no family. He died January 23, ______ at Chillicothe, Ohio. Dr. David Trainor Erskine did not marry. He died at age 31. Samuel Bushfield Erskine married _____________. They have eight children: four sons and four daughters. They lived near Chillicothe, Ohio. James Wright Erskine married ________________. They have no family and live in Delaware Co., Penna. Rev. Ebenezer Erskine, D.D., married. They have two daughters, Helen _______ and Mary C. They are not married. He is a Presbyterian minister, pastor of Newville Congregation, Penna.

Page 8:
"Margaret Erskine married Matthew Steel. They had two children: Margaret and Isaac. Margaret Erskine Steel died young. Her daughter, Margaret Steel, is not married. She is living with her Uncle, James Wright Erskine. Isaac Steel is married. He lives near Chillicothe, Ohio. He is a miller by trade. George Erskine went to California in 1850. He has not been heard from since 1852. Thomas Erskine married Miss Margaret Griffith. They have seven children: three sons and four daughters. They are living in Kansas City, Mo.

"This is the history of the John and Margaret Erskine family. John Erskine died in 1858, age ____ years. His wife, Margaret Trainor Erskine, died in 185___, age 63 years.

"William Erskine was born May 24, 1770, in County Down, Ireland. He did not come to this country when his mother and brother and sister came for he was bound as an apprentice to the wheelwright trade and was a sailor on the sea for five years, but came to this country in 1792 from County Tyrone, Ireland. He settled in Washington, Washington Co., Penna. and married Miss Isabelle Sillik, August 19, 1800. They had eight children: John L., Margaret, Robert C., Samuel V., Hannah, Isabella, William E. and Ebenezer S. John Lord Erskine was born in Washington, Washington Co., Pa. June 21, 1801. He married Miss Mary McMurray in 1833 or 4. They had five children: four sons (all died in infancy) and one daughter, Melissa. She is not married and lives near Tridelphia, Ohio Co., W.Va. John Lord Erskine died January 1879, age 78 years. His wife, Mary McMurray Erskine, died about 1850. Margaret Erskine was born in Washington, Washington Co., Pa. June 11, 1803. She married Charles Provines September 7, 1830. They had six children: William E., Isabella, Mary, Matthew, Robert H. and Margaret. William E. Provines was not married; he died March 6, 1886 at the age of 55 years. Isabella ___. married Harvey H. Morgan, December 25, 1857. They had eight children. They live in Beaver Co., Penna. Mary Provines married Andrew B. Conn. They have ten children and live near Florence, Washington Co., Penna. Matthew Provines married Miss Mary Conn. They have seven children and live in Nevada County, Calif. He works in the United States Mint Mills. Robert M. Provines died April 26, 1859 at the age of 20 years in Missouri. Margaret Provines died November 29, 1859 at the age of 15 years. Charles Provines died January 17, 1849 at the age of 52 years. His wife, Margaret Erskine Provines, died August 13, 1881 at the age of 78 years. Robert Crumley Erskine was born in Washington, Washington Co., Pa., June 21, 1806. He married Miss Nancy Brownlee, February 29, 1844. They had four children: William, Jane, Hugh B. and Marry M. William Erskine is a lawyer in Wheeling, W.Va. He married Miss Celeste Chase of Stoning, Mass. They have four children. Celeste Chase Erskine died March 4, 1890. Jane Erskine did not marry. Hugh Brownlee Erskine married Miss Ada M. Chambers, October 12, 1898, daughter of James P. Chambers, West Alexander, Penna. Mary McCoy Erskine is not married. They all are living three miles southwest of West Alexander, Penna. Robert Crumley Erskine died October 11, 1872 at the age of 66 years. He was an elder in the United Presbyterian Church of West Alexander. His wife, Nancy Brownlee Erskine, died November 1, 1887 at the age of 70 years. Samuel Vance Erskine was born near Washington, Washington Co., Pa., January 1, 1809. He married Miss Margaret Paxton September 9, 1841. They had five children: Maria J., Isabella B., . . . .

Page 9:
". . . a son who died in infancy, Clarinda M. and Amanda V. Maria Jane died May 9, 1831, age 9 years. Isabella Sarah married John M. Timmons March 9, 1864. They have eight children and are living near Roney's Point, Ohio County, W.Va. Clarinda Margaret Erskine is not married. Amanda Vance married William G. Patterson March 27, 1879. They have five children. They lived near Chetopa, Gabetta Co., Kansas. Samuel Vance Erskine died July 30, 1862 at the age of 53 years. He was an elder in the Associate Reform Church of West Alexander. His wife, Margaret Paxton Erskine, died May 7, 1887 at the age of 76 years. Hannah Erskine was born near Washington, Washington Co., Pa., June 28, 1811. She married John McNeil March 26, 1850. They had no family. Hannah Erskine McNeil died November 13, 1889 at the age of 78 years. Her husband, John McNeil, died in 1891 at the age of 82 years. He was an elder of the United Presbyterian Church of Cherry Fork, Adams County, Ohio. Isabella Erskine was born near Washington, Pa., March 14, 1814. She married Alexander Rodgers September 29, 1853. They had two children: David F. and Isabella V. Dr. David F. Rodgers is not married and lives in Kansas City, Mo. He is a surgeon for the Santa Fe Railroad. Isabella Vance Rodgers married Dr. R. S. Black November 21, 1877. They have no family and live in Ottawa, Kansas. Isabella Erskine Rodgers died October 20, 1856, age 42 years. Rev. William Ralph Erskine was born on Buffalo Creek, Washington Co., Pa., August 19, 1817. He married Miss Jane M. McConnel November 23, 1852. They had four children. A daughter who died in infancy, Ella J., James F. and Mary. Ella J. Erskine is not married. Rev. James E. Erskine is a Presbyterian minister, is preaching at Thompson Ridge, N.Y. Mary Erskine married ______ Smith. They have one child and live in Denver, Colo. Rev. William Ralph Erskine died at Olena, Illinois, February 5, 1873, age 58 years, 25th of his ministry. He was a United Presbyterian minister. His wife, Jane M. McConnel Erskine, is living in Monmouth, Ill. Ebenezer Sillik Erskine was born on Buffalo Creek, Washington Co., Pa., October 14, 1820. He married Miss Jane S. Lucas, July 26, 1849. They had seven children. Samuel M. married _______________. He lives near Piper City, Ford County, Illinois. Zillah I. married ________ Mannock. They live near Astor, Greeley Co., Kansas. Laura B. married ________ King. They live near Hoopstown, Illinois. Mary H. married ________ Leigh. They live near La Prairie Center, Ill. Grace Erskine married _________. They live near Sparland, Marshall Co., Ill. Eva Erskine married ______ Burnett. They live at Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Ebenezer Sillik and his wife are living in Monmouth, Ill.

"This is the history of the William and Isabella Sillik Erskine family. William Erskine died February 10, 1852, age 94 years, 8 mo., 17 days. His wife Isabella Sillik Erskine died June 18, 1846, age 67 years.

"In writing about the friends I often think of the lines of the poet:

"Presented to Samuel Bushfield and family by Miss Clara M. Erskine of West Alexander, Washington Co., Pa. (about 1896)."


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