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Jarrad Odle

Jarrad Odle is a 6'8" forward from Indiana. He went to High school at Oak Hill High school, in Mier, Indiana. Jarrad scored 1465 points during his three seasons on Oak Hill's Varsity. Jarrad averaged 26 points, and 11.7 rebounds as a senior. He led the state in scoring as a junior at 29.4, and was fifth as a senior. Jarrad decided to go to Indiana University to play basketball for Bob Knight.

As a freshman at I.U. Jarrad played in 21 games. As a sophomore he played in 27 games. He averaged 2.9 points, and 2.3 rebounds in 1998-1999. In that season he scored 7 points and had seven rebounds against MSU.  Jarrad stuck by Knight. He said "He's going to be a friend to us now instead of a coach," Odle said, standing outside the building where banners mark Knight's three national championships. "He's being a friend to us and trying to get us to the best place we can be." "If he's at home and he watches us on TV and doesn't like the way we play, I'm sure we'll hear about it." "He told us he's going to coach again." "There's no doubt in my mind he's one of the best coaches in the nation and for him to not move on to another school would be a shame."

Kirk Haston, George Leach, Jarrad Odle, and Dane Fife watch as they fount their coach has been fired. They look real "happy." They are about to cry.

 This last season, Jarrad's senior season, was without a question the young man's best of his college career.  Jarrad worked hard every game, and lead the team in scoring and rebounding in some games.  There were a lot of games that the NCAA runer -up's would not have won if it wasn't for Jarrad Odle.  The Grant County product, did well, he proved all the stupid people in our county wrong.  It was great watching him play these last few years.