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Today's date is..
ONLINE PROJECTS Welcome to my little website, basically its just a repository of stuff that I share amongst friends on the Internet but it was becoming such a bloody mess I decided that it would be far nicer to have an ickle webbie of the wondrous world of Cep....and well here it is!  
SILLY STUFF 19 January 2004

And because I am pirate mad....

LINKS Right.. well... ya, what's new? Well I have now added a forum so if anyone for some reason wants to come say hello and leave me or anyone else a message, feel free. I have added some more piccies up from the lovely Lydia in the silly section and I also managed to get a piccie from Amy. Will update the website again sometime with a downloads section. I got things people want you see. :D

30 December 2003

  Just fixed a couple of things on the website, nothing much that you would notice really. Oh and at some point in the not too distant future I am going to be adding some more funky things to this website. Such as....err......a guest book I suppose and perhaps one of them scrolling banners in the corner just to say "this is Ceps mwuhaha"....or something anyway. I haven't actually slept at all, its now 8:19 in the morning, drinking hot chocolate and listening to the White Stripes.

23 December 2003

Just added an update to the website with some more pictures, decided to remove my hit counter as well because my host doesn't allow custom ones. Sucks does it not? Anyway had a fairly good day today, got back in touch with Amy! A girl I know from UO. Pity I don't have her piccie on my computer anymore but never mind. Enjoy the ones you do see.

19 December 2003

Well I finally cleared out all of my stuff from this place and have decided to start my own little website to map progress on my online stuff, put piccies up with some commentary and that's it. At the moment I have decided to keep the website pretty simple looking. I don't see the point of having two tons of rubbish to load up for all the 56k users out there. Anyway welcome, welcome!