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South Asia Solidarity Group aims to actively support people's struggles against exploitation and oppression in South Asia, and to strengthen the links between these struggles and those of Asian communities in Britain. In doing this we are resisting the attempts of the British state and the global media to distort the history and the present reality of our countries of origin , which are a potential source of strength in our struggles in this country. We seek to expose the racism and deliberate mystification in dominant analyses of South Asian issues. We aim to develop and project an understanding of the processes of transformation which are taking place in South Asia as well as globally from a revolutionary left perspective.

South Asia Solidarity Group works with a number of organisations and individuals involved in democratic, left and progressive movements in the countries of South Asia. In Britain our activities have included supporting Asian women workers demanding basic rights, organising against racist attacks, fighting repressive immigration and asylum laws, and challenging the racism of health and education policies.

COMMUNAL MASSACRES IN GUJARAT Picket of Indian High Commission in London 11March 2002


Statement by Asian Women Unite! December 2001

SASG Statement 20 September 2001

South Asia Solidarity Group publishes a quarterly magazine Inqilab

South Asia Solidarity Group condemns the nuclear weapons tests carried out by the BJP-led government of India and the US response.
SASG Statement

South Asia Solidarity Group organised a Public Meeting at the House of Commons
on on 22 June 1998 on the nuclear weapons issue

South Asia Solidarity Group organised a Public Discussion Meeting
on 17 June 1999 with the slogan of 'No to War and Fascism in India and Pakistan'.
South Asia Solidarity Group is campaigning on the treatment of Asian women in UK prisons Asian Woman Prisoner on Hunger Strike Against Prison Racism

Latest news: Biba Sakaria fights for parole and equal rights for Asian women prisoners

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