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Parker City, Indiana
July August 2020
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July Rain 5.18_______Year Total So Far 23.85 _____Aug Rain 1.62_
Last Year 7.19 _____This Time Last Year 24.54_______3.48__

Monument Bricks

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Picnic Tables Can Be Hard To Keep Clean When

Oh, its only a baseball cap.

Rummage in the Park, Chilly Start Then Perfect

Largest Display So Far

Smoky Sunset Was Worth It

Thanks California.

We Give Anybody a Hand When Cleaning the Town

This Rock Rubbed A Plastic

water line for years and finally caused a leak.

Not My Kind of Work

Another Road Trip

to visit Neil Armstrong's boyhood home on his shared birthday with birthday girl.

Of Course Geo-Cauching Was Included Once There Too

and found some non-poison ivy ones.

Nice Tower

Found Another There Too

Checked Out Grand Lake near Celina Afterwards

Crisp Clear Evenings Can Be Fun

Warming His Feet?

Only 3 Loads Required This Year

Nursing Home Concert

Don't Touch the Top Wire

It Shuts Off My Lights.

And My House Being Buzzed Again

Beats Using a Backhoe and a Big Mess

Fireworks at the Tower..
See Them All