Window To
Parker City, Indiana
January - September 2021
Events and Happenings

A Parker City Weather Station

Park Monument Bricks

Parker City Official Web Site

A Leaky Valve Repair

surrounded by high pressure gas lines and backhoes not allowed.

So Bring in the Suction Pipe to Create a Hole.

Better Seats This Time

Hundreds of Apples Cleanup For Rummage in the Park

A Leak on Division

but didnt dig my street pavement.

Weedy Town Welcome Sign

Cleanup volunteers must have forgot.

I Have You Covered

You Reckon The County Appreciates Doug?

Annual Pluto Challenge 9-9-21...Next Night, Yep It Moved

The Park Was Used For

the cross country (10K) glider event as part of the annual events
at the Muncie AMA facility.

Vehicle License Plates Were From

New Hampshire, Utah, Montana, S Carolina and Virginia.
A Maryland came one evening to watch.

For 5 Days Several Participants Took Turns Launching

their gliders looking for thermals to gain the altitude to make the trip out and back.

Gliders Are Followed and Controlled Remotely

from the bed of a pickup truck. The "pilot" talks to the driver to speed up or slow down.
A spotter watches for low flying planes. If he says Dive Dive Dive, the pilot immediately puts the glider into a dive.

This Glider Made it to the Turnaround

6+ miles north of town but couldnt find a thermal to make it back.
Bean fields made for nice, soft landing spots close to the road.

Charles Street Paving

Division Street Paving :)

East High

Street Fair 3 Dry Hot Days

Sod Removal and Heavy Load Move to the Site.

Many thanks to Dirt Works.

Also Nice to Have Volunteer Help.

Who is he helping? Someone had to take the picture. :)

A Wet July Has the Garden Healthy

As It Does My Crop

Talked Me Into Geo-Caching Trip

Went north to LimberLost State Park area, then Ohio State line,
some new counties and included our 100th cach.

Dry Spell Ending?

Sunset through rain shafts.

Another 300 ton Wind Mill Transformer Made it to the Highway

Then it Moved a Few Feet

then stopped in the highway for an hour repair.

New Covering and Look

300 Ton Transformer Arrived and Unloading

Good 500 Seats Good Weather

And Good TV Coverage Available

Job Security

In Case You Wondering, Street Salt Bin

A Late April Snow

And Sticky Too

Time to Replace A Pressure Pump

Another Geocaching Find

New Gas Main Boring Under Railroad

City Storage Barn Enlarged

Work in progress. Old barn and property has been sold.

A January Snow Needed a Little Plowing

A February 11pm Leak.

next morning picture while waiting on the boys with the bigger toys.

Required A Street Punch Through 12" Frost Line.

Job done, now dodge the barrels for a while.

Feb 15 Forecast

With This Much Already on the Ground.

Got Around 9 inches Then.

since my car was snowed in I decided to walk because of the guys early morning plowing.
(No they didnt plow me in, I was in the alley.)

Wasn't a Bad Walk Either

Alleys Needed Plowed Too, Especially Mine.

Sorry No Worms Out Today.

Got My Car Out Then Cleared a Spot At Work.

4 days later.

Now Streets are Clear, Just Piles Everywhere.

then saw 55 degrees on the 24th.

Jerry's Open, People Were Ready

3rd Leak, Nice Day Tho

Open, Nice Inside Too