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A History of Sigma Gamma Gamma - Okinawa, Japan

The History of Sigma Gamma Gamma

Submitted by Brother Ollie Brown

The conception of Sigma Gamma Gamma chapter started developing the spring of 1984 at that time the number of brothers associated with what we now called Sigma Gamma Gamma was approximately 15 brothers. The brothers had crossed the burning sands from throughout the United States. The future members of the chapter could not be determined due to the many rotations required of the military community. However, the nucleus of the brotherhood stood fast on the four cards and persevered through the changing of the guards.

After many hours of meetings the brothers still could not formulate a plan to satisfy the requirement for a graduate chapter. The body continued to meet and became instrumental in the development of a local Pan-Hellenic Council in the spring of 1985. The brothers work with the Pan-Hellenic to plan and co-ordinate the first ever Martin Luther King inaugural banquet at the Kadena NCO club in January 1986. The event's success truly reflected the hard work put into the function by the brothers. After such a successful event, the brothers with assistant of the Pan-Hellenic Council planned the first ever Greek picnic held at the 18th civil engineer picnic area.

While continuing to support the local community, the brothers never lost sight of having a chapter on Okinawa. By the spring of 1986, the faithful few that remained on Okinawa were once again looking for the opportunity to carry out the goal of starting a chapter. Even though the number of brothers had reached approximately 30 in total, none of them were financial with Nationals; this within itself posed a sufficient problem for the body.

Reaching back and remembering "See it Through" the brothers decided the best way to solve this problem was to meet it head on. With this in mind, one of many calls were made to Dr. John Epps at the National Office and, under his guidance, the brothers received a clearer path on the process to becoming the second international chapter located in the land of the far east.

The initial question that had to be answered was if there had been a chapter on Okinawa before. After Nationals completed its research, Brother Harold B. Smith, Committee Chairman was notified that no chapter had existed on the island of Okinawa. Now having a clear vision, the brothers began soliciting the aid of other brothers to be a part of putting the corner stone of Omega Psi Phi in the land of Okinawa. The call was answered by:

Olie L. Brown

Iota Zeta

Joseph A. Grice

Gamma Epsilon

Harold B. Smith

Beta Gamma

Darrell R. Sims

Gamma Delta

Eric A. Lewis

Iota Gamma

Isaiah Heyward III

Lambda Zeta

Michael Finnie

Sigma Gamma

John I. Hawthorne III

Beta Beta

John W. Starks

The chapter was officially recognized on February 28, 1987. After this historic occasion the brother put into motion the events that would make Sigma Gamma Gamma a vital part of the Okinawa community.

The first steps taken by the new chapter was to develop an annual scholarship drive to support the two local high schools. Their efforts paid great dividends and the chapter award its first $500.00 Scholarship in 1989.

Keeping with our nationally mandated programs, 20 brothers were reclaimed within the first two years. In addition, Loyd Bryant became the first member to be initiated into the fraternity through Sigma Gamma Gamma in 1988.

The chapter has served the community through years of dedication, often leading the way in the preservation of the human race. The brothers have participated in all aspects of the community; from raising money for scholarships to cleaning local Orphanages. The commitment of Sigma Gamma Gamma members has always been to keep the great light of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity burning brightly throughout its military community.

Since its inception, (12 years strong) the chapter has had to deal with the constant rotation of brothers and yet maintain the strength to provide for the well being of the community. This effort has been helped through the initiation of a line of four in 1992. From 1992 until the present the chapter donated over 300 hours to a variety of Organizations and provided $7,500.00 in financial assistant for high school students.

The Chapter's future goals are to adopt a local orphanage, a DOD middle school, and in addition, provide a Scholarship Endowment Fund. This plan will ensure that Sigma Gamma Gamma's Scholarships will be rewarded forever, regardless of the Chapter's membership.

Significant Accomplishments:

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