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Don't have $10 at present, so worry not now 
or ever www.moonlightglade.net/shells/ or any
body else — I proclaim by fiat! no more

April 4 '04

Thank you for registering. Your account 
has been created. You may now log in with 
your username and password.
Our users have posted a total of 818 articles
We have 157 registered users
The newest registered user is lunarvolt 

Hardware: i686 User Mode Linux running on a colo server: The colo 
server has the following specs: Dual 2.66GHZ Intel Xenon Processor, 
533MHz Front Side bus, with 3GB interleaved drr PC2100 RAM and 2 
Maxtor 200GB 7200RPM hard drives with an ATA-133 8MB cache. The 
moonlightglade server can use the following stakes of its UML host: 
64MHz CPU, a 2G disk, and 64MB of memory. 

Operating system: Redhat Linux 9.0, patched. Possibly moving to gentoo 
or debian in future, but this is only speculation at this point.

Quota: Free quotas range between 1MB and 50MB, depending on the TOS 
given to the account holder. Each user gets an individual quota setup 
based on what they enter on their application form.

Internet connection: Approximately 1MB/sec, depending on the time of day.
Services/programs: FREE to all: ssh, ftp, webspace at 
http://www.moonlightglade.net/~username FREE, but depending on the assessment 
of your application form: ability to run: bots, proxies, and service/server 
type programs. Serving an existing domain name's website from moonlightglade.net's 
apache webserver via the use of vhosts. mysql databases. email referrers and 
outgoing mail. (incoming mail planned but not currently avalible) 

PAID ONLY: irc servers, irc services, anything that requires your own 
dedicated IP address. Higher quotas (higher then 50MB disk, 3-4gigs transfer 
a month, 5MB memory, reasonable CPU time, and 1-3 background processes). 
Programs have been installed upon request of users who ask.

IRC access: BNCs are permitted. 

Eggdrops are permitted. IRC servers/irc services are permitted only if the 
account holder pays a small sum of money monthly. bncing is preferred over 
running irc clients on the shell via ssh. 

Background processes allowed: Yes. Typically, there is a limit of 1, 3 or 5 
background processes, depending on the type of account, and the resource usage 
of these background processes. Two bots take up much less resources then an irc 
server, for example. Other info: The system is a private server, that runs as 
a linux platform under UML linux running on a co-located server at theplanet.com's 
texas datacentre. The colo machine runs a UML linux distro which is provided 
by www.linode.com. The server moonlightglade.net is a mini dedicated server, 
or a virtual dedicated server, running under this UML. It is effectively a 
miniserver running on a much more powerful host server in a colo datacentre. 
As a result MLG benifits from things like RAID and max CPU usage of Dual 
2.66GHz Xeon chips, for example, but don't expect anymore then a 5-50MB disk 
quota, 1-3 background processes, and a few gigs of data transfer a month. 
The system administrator personally reviews applications from users requesting 
an account. His basic TOS is at http://www.moonlightglade.net/shells/rules, 
and you should visit http://www.moonlightglade.net/shells/apply to apply for 
an account with him. In order to get an account here you will have to supply 
a valid REAL name *and* phone number which will be checked, and you will recieve 
a phone call from the sysadmin (even if international) to check your details 
and confirm your identity prior to him enabling your account. Plans for accounts 
are done on an individual basis, quotas given here are only an average. If you 
apply to run eggdrops on the server and no website, it is likely that you won't 
get webspace, for example. Each account is tailored to the applicant via details 
submitted on the application form.


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Q: What is DJGPP? 

A: DJGPP is a compiler 
and a set of tools that 
let you produce 32-bit 
protected-mode programs 
which run on MS-DOS/MS-
Windows machines. 

The originator and principal 
maintainer of DJGPP is DJ 
Delorie; that's where the 
"DJ" in "DJGPP" comes from. 
However, anybody is welcome 
and encouraged to contribute. 



Abstract: Security engineering requires a combination
of features and assurance to provide confidence that
security policy is correctly enforced. Rigorous
engineering principles are applicable across a broad
range of systems. The purpose of this study is to
analyze and compare three operating systems, including
two general-purpose operating systems (Linux and
OpenBSD) and a commercially available, embedded
operating system (Talisker). The basis for the
comparison considers secure software design
principles, such as information hiding, hierarchical
structuring, and modularity, as well as software
complexity metrics, such as the McCabe Cyclomatic
Complexity and the number-of-lines-of- code. In this
analysis, we use a reverse engineering tool to show
how the three operating systems compare to each other
with respect to the qualities of a secure operating
system design. The operating systems, their kernels,
and their scheduling subsystems are analyzed and
compared. From the results, it is shown that the
OpenBSD operating system, kernel, and scheduler are
the best when considering hierarchical structuring,
modularity, and information hiding. The Linux kernel
and scheduler and the Talisker operating system are
least complex when considering the McCabe complexity
and the number-of-lines-of-code. 


Berkeley Software Distribution 

 (BSD) A family of Unix versions for
the DEC VAX and PDP-11, developed by Bill Joy and
others at the University of California at Berkeley.
BSD Unix incorporates paged virtual memory, TCP/IP
networking enhancements, and many other features. 

BSD UNIX 4.0 was released on 19 October 1980. The BSD
versions (4.1, 4.2, and 4.3) and the commercial
versions derived from them (SunOS, ULTRIX, Mt. Xinu,
Dynix) held the technical lead in the Unix world until
AT&T's successful standardisation efforts after about
1986, and are still widely popular. 

See also Berzerkeley, USG Unix. 

 ftp **
 shell *
host account with disk quota of 20Mb + 5Mb mail +databases
personal homepage http://www.polarhome.com/~username
PHP (safe mode), SSI, SSL etc. web environment
e-mail address username@hostname.polarhome.com
mail forwarding
spam black hole
IMAP and POP3 account
e-mail with WAP phone
MySQL database 
irc, ftp and socks proxy, direct ftp access
telnet, ssh and rsh shell access
public eggdrop bot server
C/C++, Java, Perl, Python, tcl development environment
network services as ping, netstat etc.
exportable X/Window environment
Perl, Tcl, Bash, C/C++ CGI execution
background process execution

OpenBSD account

IPv6: direct access openbsd.ip6.polarhome.com
IPv4: port-forwarded
IPv4: direct access ports are: 15000-19999

Dear Wallace Darwen Brindle from

----- ------- ------ ------- ------

Don't have $10, worry not www.moonlightglade.net/shells/
[Email 1]
From Z the Root  
To niwovtolw@openbsd.polarhome.com 
Subject Welcome niwovtolw
Date Sat, 3 Apr 2004 18:41:03 +0200 (CEST) 

Congratulations :-) 
Your request has been accepted. 
You could log-in with given (initial) password to
OpenBSD server d.polarhome.com... 
>From internet you can telnet to gate.polarhome.com
From any polarhome.com site just: telnet openbsd 
BUT (and this is very important) because of hardware
limitations just shell users can use system... there
are no, so called ftp accounts on this system. 
HARDCOPY REGISTARTION. Read more about in shell policy
at http://www.polarhome.com/service/policy.html. 
Read rules, discamer and legal notices at
http://www.polarhome.com/service/ . 
With this account you've got: 
- personal homepage
- new e-mail address username@openbsd.polarhome.com 
- mail forwarding (edit file .forward) 
- spam black hole with address spam@polarhome.com 
- POP3 account (through web interface) 
- free disk space of 10Mb 
- irc, irc proxy, ftp etc. access from and to the
- irc clients, bouncers, bots etc. 
- Perl, PHP, Python, SSL etc. web environment 
- MySQL database account ( on request. Mail to
mysql@polarhome.com ) 
- Culture of net usage and competent community  (finally! --WB.MSTR.ED {|8:^)> )
- Support for development 
- NTP synchronized server 
- possibility to have own mailing list(s). 
- Public eggdrop bot server 
- crontab 
- C/C++, Perl work envoronment 
Note:You can use PHP or simple server side includes as
well as CGI-s written in Perl 
(/usr/bin/perl), Python, C or other language, but do
not forget: 
- Just cgi-bin directory allows CGI execution 
- Needed file permission is 755 -rwxr-xr-x. 
- You have to be the owner as well. 
It has been created one mailing list,
polarhome@polarhome.com for system 
announces, upgrades, planned shutdowns, network
problems etc. 
Everybody who is interested in such information should
follow the list. 
It is not necessary to be subscribed, because it is
possible to read though the web interface at
Polarhome.com is non commercial effort for shell
enabled systems popularisation, 
but unfortunately I can not appreciate to upgrade this
server myself any more... 
If you: 
- Like the concept of free communities 
- Think that your serveris too slow 
- Want to have more rights/space whatever 
Please, contribute. 
You can found more info at:
Welcome..., and feel yourself at home. 
If you have any question, problem or just need some
extra information, 
please, do not hesitate to contact root or
Kind regards, 
your system administrator 
[Email 2]
From Z the Root  
To univolt@openbsd.polarhome.com 
Subject MySQL account for niwovtolw  
Date Sat, 3 Apr 2004 18:41:09 +0200 (CEST) 

Your MySQL account at openbsd.polarhome.com has been
The database name : niwovtolw  
The username : niwovtolw 
The password : xxxxxxxxxxxx 
The host(s) : localhost 
Quota 5M. 
Regards, Z   [!! kewl !! the film also... 

username: niwovtolw <-- =! (because it means something to me.)
password: xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Congratulations :-)

Your request for username: univolt has been accepted.
In about a 3-5 minutes you can try your new account at
openbsd.polarhome.com using FTP, POP3 or IMAP

BUT you can not use your new account with telnet or
ssh because according to shell policy it requires an
extra hardcopy registartion. pending snail mail to Sweden.

Read rules, discamer and legal notices.

With this account you got:
- personal homepage
(Note:Your account is ready if this link is alive)
- new e-mail address niwovtolw@openbsd.polarhome.com
- IMAP and POP3 account (even through Web interface)
- free disk space of 20Mb
- irc, ftp etc. access from and to internet
- MySQL database account - details sent to

- use port list as a guide to access polarhome services

polarhome.com changed shell policy: SHELL is not free
any more!

required data on blank paper and send to the address noted below.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Username: ___________________________________

Host: Linux/RedHat  [ ]  FreeBSD[ ]  OpenVMS/Alpha[ ] 
QNX[ ]   
      Linux/Debian  [ ]  OpenBSD[X]  OpenVMS/VAX  [ ] 
AIX[ ]
      Linux/SuSe    [ ]  NetBSD [ ]  Ultrix       [ ]
      Linux/Mandrake[ ]  Solaris[ ]  HP-UX        [ ] 

Age      : __________________________________

Real name: __________________________________

E-mail   : __________________________________

Address  : __________________________________

City/ZIP : __________________________________

Country  : __________________________________

Admission fee: (please, check the notes)

        Amount: ______________ Currency ______________

        Enclosed cash    [ ]
        Enclosed check   [ ]
        WesternUnion     [ ] MTCN 

        Bank transfer    [ ]
        PayPal payment   [X] from
____________________________ (e-mail)
	StormPay payment [ ] from
____________________________ (e-mail)

By filling out this form I agree with polarhome.com
user's policy
http://www.polarhome.com/service/policy.html and I am
aware that:

1. I will loose my shell account in any case of
malicious activity.
2. Polarhome realm hosts provide services as they are.
3. Polarhome does not sell services.
4. Included fee is a one time step up fee and it is
not refundable.
5. Polarhome can not guarantee uninterruptible
business continuity.

Date __03APR04__ Signature


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

This form have to be printed and sent by post to:

c/o arpadffy
Edbovägen 47 D
14263 Stockholm

or alternatively by fax to: +1 772 325 8221 (US efax

General notes:
- application form has to be filled out personally and
signed by hand. 
- you should do it JUST if you agree with polarhome
users policy.
- username has to be a valid ftp account on
polarhome.com host(s).
- if you do not have a valid ftp account you should
create it at

Addmission fee payment notes:

Addmission fee is 10 local currency units per username
(per host),
but at least 2 USD value in your local currency.
Please, read FAQ at

1. Enclosed cash
   - for this method of payment, please use just paper
bank notes.
   - the amount value should not be less then 2 USD
     (per username, per host) 
2. Enclosed check
   - check should be payable to "Zoltan Arpadffy
   - note: if amount is less than 15 USD (bank
realisation fee per check), 
     then please, use some other payment method, if
you really want to 
     contribute (preferably enclosed cash)   

3. Western Union money transfer
   - the receiver should be: Zoltan Arpadffy with the
address above.
   - please, note the MTCN (Money Transfer Control
   - you can find more information at

4. Bank transfer
   - amount should be transferred to:

	Zoltan Arpadffy
	for polarhome.com
	Bank: SEB, Stockholm, Sweden
	Account: 5501-82 340 24
   or with another words:
        Iban:  SE8050000000055018234024 
        Bic :  ESSESESS 

5. PayPal payment 
   - amount should be sent to sponsor@polarhome.com
   - please, note your paypal e-mail address
   - you can find more information at

6. StormPay(!!) payment
   - amount should be sent to sponsor@polarhome.com
   - because StormPay works just with USD you should
convert admission
     fee from your currency to USD and pay that amount
(min. 2 USD)
   - please, note your stormpay e-mail address
   - you can find more information at

If you have any question or suggestion regarding
application form
or shell registartion process, you can send it to

To achieve shell access you have to send application
form and pay 10 local currency units admission fee.
You can find more information about at policy.

Hope you will have more respect to your account then
it was free.

Welcome..., and feel yourself at home.

Server hardware description

Last note:
You have been added to polarhome.com FORUM with
username niwovtolw_openbsd. You can log in imediatelly
using your password.  [What's 'Last Word' in Swedish?
anyone?...anyone?... --WB.MSTR.ED]

Polarhome, production 1999-2004. 
Member of Polarhome portal. 

Wallace, please find the other file(s) from Deb's Shop
on this [JARGON, Deb! K-12 I guess Melissa!-->] server.
[Help Yourself 1001]
[Help Yourself 1002]
[Help Yourself 1003]
[Help Yourself 1004]

Free [non-profit org --WDB] Hosting Terms and Conditions of Service

General The terms and conditions outlined below are designed to protect and benefit all clients. In particular, they attempt to ensure that the servers are used only for legal and appropriate purposes, and that no client uses an 'unfair' proportion of the system's resources.

Limitation of Liability The client agrees to indemnify and hold this hosting service and its associates harmless from any claims resulting from the use of the service, including claims relating to damage to the subscriber or to any other party.

Advertising Bright-Byte Free hosting Users agree to place a text link pointing to Bright-Byte.com's hosting page at the top of their home page on their Site.

User agrees: not to remove, modify or interfere with the display of these links in any way; to display the links in their original form at all time; not to place advertising material or links to any other hosting company other than Bright-Byte.com on their site. and that Bright-Byte.com has the right to include traffic from their Site when calculating total Bright- Byte.com traffic.

Limitations. The Service is subject to the following limitations:

Size Of Files: In the case of Bright-Byte Free hosting Users, files larger than 300 kilobytes are not permitted on the Bright-Byte Servers, the only exception to this is Computer Gateway Interface (CGI) scripts stored in USER's CGI Bin directory. Such CGI files may be up to 1 MB;

CPU Resources: User acknowledges that the Service is provided on a shared server and agrees not to engage in any activity that could overwhelm the server with heavy CPU usage or that requires a disproportionate amount of the resources of the Bright-Byte servers, including without limitation, use of highly active CGI scripts or chat scripts;

File Types: In the case of Bright-Byte Free hosting Users, User shall not host multi-media file types, including but not limited to MP3, Mpeg, AVI, Real Audio, Real Video, Quick Time, Windows Media and / or PDF files. User shall also not host executable binaries and / or compressed file types including but not limited to .EXE, .ZIP, .TAR, .RAR, .GZIP;

Bandwidth: In the case of Bright-Byte Free hosting Users, User agrees to limit their bandwidth usage to 1 gigabyte per month and no more than 56mbs per day;

In the case of Bright-Byte Free hosting Users, where the User exceeds either the daily or monthly bandwidth limit, a default page will appear on Users Web site with notice that the site has exceeded it's allowable bandwidth. In the instance of the daily bandwidth limit being exceeded, USER's Web site will be reactivated 24 hours from the time of deactivation. In the instance of the monthly bandwidth limit being exceeded, Users Web site will be reactivated only upon request. If User upgrades to any Bright-Byte paid hosting plan, Users Web site will be immediately reactivated. Bright-Byte reserves the right to deactivate Users Web site with no compensation to User.

Use of Servers Clients should not attempt to access the sites of other clients, and should not attempt to hinder the operation of our servers in any way. We reserve the right to refuse or cancel service to any client.

Acceptable Content Your site must not contain material, or contain any link to material, which is unlawful, pornographic, gambling-related, threatening, hateful, obscene or which encourages unlawful behavior. This includes any site with depiction's of nudity, as well as material relating to hacking or pirated software. We have sole discretion to determine whether a site's content is acceptable. Sites with unacceptable content will be removed from our servers.

Backup and Monitoring. User is solely responsible for creating backups of any files associated with the Site and for monitoring the Site.

No Mirroring You must not use your site to mirror material on any other site without our express written permission. This permission will usually be declined unless the resources required are minimal.

Unsolicited E-mail ("spam") The Customer agrees not to use the facilities and capabilities of the Provider to solicit the performance of any activity that is prohibited by law or for the illegal distribution of unsolicited e-mail, commonly known as "spam" Unacceptable uses also include, but are NOT limited to: Bulk e-mailing, unsolicited e-mail, and newsgroup spamming containing commercial a dvertisements. Failure to comply will result in account suspension or cancellation without prior notice.

Technical Support We will provide unlimited technical support relating to the operation of your server and the use of the server's facilities. Please note though that we do not generally provide support for problems with your CGI programs or HTML code, though we will provide such support, within reason, at our discretion.

Refusal of Service We reserve the right to refuse or cancel service at our sole discretion. If you breach any of the above terms and conditions we reserve the right to deactivate your account immediately.


SEE HERE, WDB(!): {|8:^)> geocities.com/SiliconValley/Vista/6552/dlinks.html www.dvorsky.host.sk/links.php www.thefreecountry.com/compilers/cpp.shtml Grüße Cyber Globale Bürger: Ich bin hugo_ball der Kabarett Voltaire Gruppe und ich werde eine Versprechung jetzt bilden, daß ich Deutsches -- erlerne und es gut erlerne; wenn Sie also sein würden, schicken Art hinsichtlich mich ein nicht zu vorgerücktes Sendschreiben jetzt und dann zu: hugo_ball@mailball.de Danke! Traurig für die schrecklichen embarassing Fehler. Ich bin an Wagner, an Heidegger, (besonders) an den letzten Zeichenkettequartetts von Beethoven, von Alban Berg, von Goethe u. von Schiller interessiert, und Segeln/Schach/Programmierung/Kürbis/Lernen/ein Gitarrist, spiele ich "das Blau" und mutlosen Jazz (Gedicht "Felsen" jetzt, bildend) Rod u. des Maddie Pförtners (cf. E.A. Poe) im kunst-Bauernhof. MEMPHIS-TN-USA-SWM-55- schaut physikalisch 35... denkt wie ein 9 Einjahres, ja! dieses ist nur für HALLO WELTTEST gerade etwas Text zu ftp zu index.html nicht für das D*wnl*ading alles -- ich habe alle Richtlinien gelesen und ich nicht nurBIN absoulutely damit einverstanden, durch sie gesprungen zu werden --, das ich sie mag!

www.delorie.com/djgpp/v2faq/faq002.html 2. What is DJGPP? Q: What is DJGPP? A: DJGPP is a compiler and a set of tools that let you produce 32-bit protected-mode programs which run on MS-DOS/MS-Windows machines. The originator and principal maintainer of DJGPP is DJ Delorie; that's where the "DJ" in "DJGPP" comes from. However, anybody is welcome and encouraged to contrib- ute. Programs compiled with DJGPP, and all development tools provided as part of DJGPP, look on the outside like normal DOS programs, and they rely on MS-DOS and BIOS for file I/O and other basic functions such as keyboard input, screen cursor position, etc. DJGPP programs use DPMI (the DOS Protected Mode Interface) to allow DOS/BIOS calls from protected mode. There- fore, any environment that can run DOS programs and provides DPMI services, will run DJGPP programs as well. Environments that are known to be compatible with DJGPP include MS-DOS, DR-DOS, NWDOS, FreeDOS, OpenDOS, Windows 3.X, 9X and NT, OS/2, and Linux DOSEmu. When DJGPP programs run on Windows 9X, they support long filenames. It is important to understand that all these environ- ments will treat DJGPP programs as DOS programs which call DPMI services. DJGPP cannot by itself create Win16 or Win32 applications; however, you can use the RSXNT package together with DJGPP to achieve this. See writing Windows applications with DJGPP. Programs compiled with DJGPP can access all the phys- ical memory on your machine and support virtual memory. All this memory presents a flat address space with no segmentation (you can say goodbye to far and huge pointers and to memory models), and is only limited by the amount of virtual memory supported by the DPMI server in use. A typical DPMI server can provide at least 64MB of virtual memory (if you have enough free disk space). DJGPP is free: you don't have to pay anything to d*wnl*ad and use it, even if you write commercial programs. DJGPP doesn't impose any restrictions on programs that you write and compile with it: you can make them commercial, shareware, freeware, or any other kind. (There are a few minor exceptions to that rule, see (un)restrictions on distribution of DJGPP apps.) The core of DJGPP is the MS-DOS port of the GNU C/C++ compiler, GCC, and auxiliary utilities, such as assembler, linker, librarian, Make, and a hypertext docs browser. The DJGPP C library was written specifically for DJGPP, mainly by DJ Delorie himself, with help from a small group of volunteers. DJGPP presents a set of tools which are remarkably ANSI- and Posix-compliant(Note: Posix is an inter- national standard for a portable operating system. It specifies facilities of a compiler, its libraries, and the basic set of development tools. Posix was originally modeled on Unix systems, but is currently supported by most modern operating systems.) GCC complies to ANSI/ISO C Standard; the DJGPP C library is ANSI- and Posix-compliant (however, a small number of Posix features, like the fork system call, are unimplemented); the C++ libraries also comply to the latest standards; and the GNU development tools used by DJGPP are all Posix-compliant. As a result, DJGPP tools provide a complete and coherent Posix layer on top of Microsoft operating systems, to the degree that even the infamous limitations of DOS and incompatibilities between DOS/Windows and Unix are almost completely concealed from users and developers. Here are some of the tasks that DJGPP is said to be good for: learning C and C++ programming and teaching others to program in C/C++; using Unix development tools on MS-DOS and MS-Windows; writing games(Note: For example, the DOS version of the well-known game Quake by id Software was compiled with DJGPP.) and graphics programs; setting up a common development environment for Unix and MS-DOS/MS-Windows; writing portable DOS/Unix programs; porting Unix programs to Microsoft operating systems. DJGPP is also used as back-end for programming languages other than C/C++. ADA, Pascal and Fortran compilers have been ported to MS-DOS based on DJGPP (GNU Pascal (gpc) and GNU Fortran (g77) are available from the DJGPP archives). Starting from v2.0, DJGPP programs do not need a separate extender program, only a DPMI server to run; DJGPP includes a free 32-bit DPMI server which allows for a 32-bit, 4 GByte flat address space and up to 512 MBytes of virtual memory. by Eli Zaretskii Updated Sep 1998 THIS, I JUST NOTICED and THIS C.Wallace D. Brindle Chacellor Apparent Voltaire University, DL 3:19 pm CST Memphis 23 JAN 04 I must go now down Poplar Avenue (from Tillman) (bitte: MapQuest.com) and buy some coffee at Krogers. Good German name, ja? Ich sage ja. I am 50% Welsh/English (1st generation American) and 50% German... also: ich bin ein Weag... ein Gwea-Gwae?... which one of these? I must find myself!