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Welcome to Fletch's Home Page

This is my first attempt at a web page. At this point it is not very graphic intensive, the good side is this page will load lightening fast, the bad side is there is not much flair to it. If you have any suggestions please mail me.

Fletch's FFL

This is my fantasy football league link. Here you will find good stuff about my league. Included are the FFFL rules, FFFL schedules, NFL injury Reports, NFL information, NFL schedules and FFFL reports about the league. See who's hot and who's not.


You have heard about these dinosaurs. Now see some of the links where mainframe systems programmers go to get the latest scoop about these ancient beasts. These are for mainframe sites and CICS sites. If you know what CICS is check out the Conseco careers link (please mention this page if you do sign on).


Not to be confused with Jose's page (Conseco is pronounced kon-seek-o). This is where I work as a mainframe systems programmer. There is a place to check out the latest career postings (please mention this page if you do sign on). If you are bored with what you do and are looking for a career change, Conseco maybe for you.

Dilbert Zone

A classic place to go for funny satire on corporate America, not a place for management. It is better for them to go off and form some proactive synergy strategies. Failing that, maybe to do number one on their job description: Make your life a living hell (just kidding Allen).


You can get to the Dilbert Zone from here, but there is alot of other cool stuff to get to also. For people who need a fact of the day there is a link to Ripley's Believe It or Not.

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