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Mainframe Links

This list will continue to grow as I explore the web. If you have found something good, please tell me about it.

IBM's OS390 Library Find the complete OS/390 documentation online.
IBM CICS Support Pacs Support pacs for CICS.
IBM MQSeries Support Pacs Support pacs for MQSeries. My favorite is MA10, Utilities for ISPF. See Fletch's Tips and Tricks for LIBDEF example or click here.
IBMLINK Worldwide IBM products and services information.
CBT Tape This must be cool, they have a link back to my home page! Hints, Tips and Tricks for MVS Systems Programmers
CICS Link To Hursley's CWUF
George Kurylak Home Page  
GSF Home Page  

Fletch's Downloads
Fletch's Tips and Tricks