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Vote for a Leader
Vote for a Political System
Vote for a Political Doctrine
Vote for a Political Party

Welcome to the 1st voting website on Iranian politics.
Here IRANIUM ELECTIONS has provided four different polls for you in
which you can cast your votes in them and at the same time check
upon the latest results anytime. IRANIUM ELECTIONS stands for
pluralism, democracy and free elections in Iran. It would be a 
wonderful thought to envision a free and democratic Iran with
free and unbounded elections in which all political movements
can participate in. IRANIUM ELECTIONS works for this goal and is
convinced that Iran is on the brink of establishing a democracy.
 IRANIUM ELECTIONS has provided four ballots which consist of
Political Leaders, Political Systems, Political Doctrines and 
Political Parties. Each voting poll is linked to the other and all are 
linked to IRANIUM ELECTIONS Website.