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He prepares a table for us

Picture of Jesus, taken from the Shroud of  Turin. Contact us for a free laminated copy of this picture.

Welcome to the Table of the Remnant

Welcome, in Jesus' name. The Table of the Remnant is a fellowship in the Spirit. This is how the Holy Spirit describes the remnant: "The remnant are those who love Jesus above themselves." His remnant love Him enough to hear His voice, to know His willl, and to join Him in the fight against the enemy. The Table is from the Father. On the table are His thoughts, His will, His love for all mankind, and His plan for the return of Jesus.

The Holy Spirit warns the religious, "Unless you hear Jesus' voice, and come to know Him well, you do not have enough oil. Your lamp is not full." Here is a prophecy on the Table called A LAMP NOT LIT.

Brothers and Sisters, seek Jesus. Talk to Him and hear His voice and really get to know Him. There is war in the natural and in the spirit. What is Jesus' will for you? How can you serve Him in the days ahead? Come and read what is on His Table, and then talk to Him about it, and see what He says to you. If you don't know His voice already, the time is short: seek Him now. He will speak to you. Be found among His remnant, loving Him and following Him in the end.

The Table of the Father shows His heart towards the people of the world. He loves them and is doing all He can to help prepare us for the days ahead. He has given an anointed picture, to turn men's thoughts to Jesus, which was measured and painted from the Shroud of Turin. A world at war needs Jesus more than ever before. To request pictures for yourself, or to give out as the Holy Spirit leads you to do, click on the pictures link below. Remnant, read the entire site, so you can take in what the Father has been saying and showing. He will help you to come to maturity in your thinking. The Father is opposing the enemy all over the world, both in the natural realm with the war on terror, and in the spiritual realm, through His angels and His servants who stand with Him by His Spirit.


OPERATION: JESUS PICTURES - Turning hearts and thoughts to Jesus
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Nation Under God, At War
Teaching for the remnant
Commentary on Revelation
Doctrines of Demons
Dreams and Visions
Healings at the Table
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Message Board
Come and greet your brothers and sisters in Jesus and read what they have to say of Jesus and what He has said to them.
Continuous Web log
Eventually this will be completed, with all the chronicles of our service to Him, since 1989.

Mailings from the Table
These are important. They show many things the Father has done and said, over time, since the beginnings of the Table.
FAQ Page
Some questions with answers.

Listen to "Sounds of Hell?"
Very powerful audio file, with sounds that the Father says He hears every day.
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24 Hour Prayer Room
Feel free to meet with Jesus in this room at any time. He is always there.
Prayer Room Transcripts
Some transcripts of times when we met in the Prayer Room because the Father called us together.
Links and the Amber Alert
Links to other web-sites, and the Amber Alert for missing children.
Photos of the arbor at the Table of the Remnant in New Mexico

If you don't know Jesus, He wants you to know Him.
Please read this message from the Father:

"Jesus is Alive and Knows Your Name"


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To request pictures of Jesus or to contribute to making and distributing them: click here.

Donations designated for  "OPERATION: JESUS PICTURES" will be used exclusively to purchase printing supplies, laminate sheets, postage, and other costs directly involved in making the pictures. 

Donations designated for "THE TABLE OF THE REMNANT" will be used to help with various needs at the Table in New Mexico, such as for preparations towards going out with the pictures to other states, as the Holy Spirit leads us.