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The Truth is Out There.




The X-Files


A cultural phenomenon. A paranormal, paranoid, parapsychotic paradox. An action adventure, an gender-liminal romance, a drama and a comedy all at once. A TV show which "cannot be programmed, categorized or easily referenced."



A universe where symbolism is a commonality, Scully sleeps with her makeup on, and everything is backward; "The End" comes before "The Beginning," and gender roles are reversed in a relationship where even best friends call each other by their last names.



Thus is The X-Files. Captivating, frightening, outwitting, enrapturing, and shifting the ontological paradigms of audiences worldwide since 1993.



This website is dedicated to that which is not just a TV show, as much as to proving the latter.



This is where The X-Files is taken seriously...and sometimes not so seriously.




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