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Clematis from Lithuania

Welcome to our web page !

 General information

Our firm ClemLit is growing clematises, grapes in smaller quantities and juniper bushes. Our main production are clematises which we can grow 60000 units annually. This quantity can be increased. Clematises are climbing which have lots of blossoms and grow up till 3 meter’s of height.

In 1998 autumn we shall have 5 new varietes of clematises, which are selected from 2000 of hybrids.

Clematises we grow strictly according to the varietes from 100 till 5000 units. They are realized in spring (in March and in April), in autumn (in September and in October). Realized clematises are biennials and annuals.

Biennials clematises have are with 1-2 stems (each stem is 20 cm of length) and with 5 big roots at least (each root is 20 cm of length).

Annual clematises have one stem or two buds and they have smaller roots than biennials.

Clematises are packaged in bags (50 units) rolled up in moss or turf.

The prices of clematises are fluctuating from 0,4$ to 0,8$, it depends on clematises age, way of growing, packing. We can treat for the price.

We’ll get the sertificate of quality (guarantee certificate).

Our production
Here is the list of varieties (kinds) of clematises which will be sold :

1.Julija Correvon (red) 2.Ernest Markham (red) 3.Mme Eduard Andre (red) 4.Ville de Lyon (red) 5.Cuba (red) 6.Alexandrit (red) 7.Mme Grange (red) 8.Hagley Hibrid (pink)   9.Nadezhda (pink) 10.Nikolaj Rubtzov (pink) 11.Olimpiada-80 (pink)  12.Junost (pink) 13.Keila (light pink) 14.Gipsy Queen (blue) 15.Luther Burbank (blue) 16.Sinee Plamia (blue) 17.Minister (blue) 18.John Picton (blue) 19.Georg Ots (blue) 20.Anna German (light pink) 21.Star of India (violet) 22.Victoria (violet) 23.Jubilejnyj-70 (violet) 24.Extra (violet) 25.Radost (white) 26.Legend (white) 27.Rouge Cardinal (red) 28.Niobe 29.Carmensita

Our selection
There is clematises  selected by our firm:

1.Leonardas (red)2.Dubysa (blue)3.Lituanika (pink)4.Lazdona (light blue)5.Justa (light blue)6.Audrone (white)



Contact us
Saulius Rimkevicius
Vysniu 7c
Tel.: 370-1-427639
Fax.: 370-1-430735

Last updated: 06 Feb. 1999

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