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The Incomplete Bowie-Dictionary
(My friend Harrie and I started it, but for some reason never finished.)

bowiecold- it basically means cool.
Bowiecraft- the rituals and practices of Bowie-ites.
Bowied Out- to participate in some David Bowie related activity to the point of exhaustion.
bowieill- to be in a mad state of mind, so that you donít like David Bowie.
bowie-image- an idol created in david bowie's image to honour and worship him.
bowieised- when something has had David Bowie stuff added to it. For example, a computer with Bowie wall-paper has been bowieised.
bowieishly- feels good or great.
Bowieism- the religion of Bowie.
Bowieist- (anti Bowie) to be against David Bowie.
bowieistic- happy, nice etc.
Bowie-ites- people who practice Bowieism.
bowiejive- to dance like Bowie.
bowiemoney- to swear your life to David Bowie.
bowieous- glorious, fantastic, etc...
bowiephile- someone who is utterly obsessed with David Bowie to an unhealthy extent.
Bowie Truly- phrase usually put at the end of a letter written by a Bowie fan. It is a sign of goodwill to whoever you are writing to.
duke thin- describes someone who is really really skinny, as in the Thin White Duke character.
To pull a Ziggy- to make yourself look or seem androgenous.

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