Misc. Quotes

"Pop stars are capable of growing old. Mick Jagger at 50 will be marvelous - a battered old roue - I can just see him. An aging rock star doesn't have to opt out life. When I'm 50, I'll prove it..." - David Bowie,1979

ON BEING FIFTY - "Fab. But, you know, I don't feel fifty. I feel not a day over forty-nine. It's incredible. I'm bouncy, I feel bouncy"- David Bowie

“It's true--I am a bisexual. But I can't deny that I've used that fact very well. I suppose it's the best thing that ever happened to me. Fun, to.”- David Bowie

“I've always been very chauvinistic, even in my boy-obsessed days. But I was always a gentleman. I alwaysd treated my boys like real ladies. Always escorted them properly and, in fact, I suppose if I were a lot older--like 40 or 50--I'd be a wonderful sugar daddy to some little queen down in Kensington. I'd have a houseboy named Richard to order around.”-David Bowie

"God thinks he's all that and a bag of chips."- David Bowie

"I'm looking for backing for an unauthorized auto-biography that I am writing. Hopefully, this will sell in such huge numbers that I will be able to sue myself for an extraordinary amount of money and finance the film version in which I will play everybody."- David Bowie

“Sharing the stage with him (Bowie) is such a pleasure. He’s such a gentlemen, just so genuine and giving, that it’s hard not to fall in love with him.” - Brian Molko lead singer of “Placebo”

“I went to glam shows and was inspired by Bowie...”- Jay Gordon lead singer of “Orgy”

"David Bowie is SO cool...anybody who doesn't like David Bowie is no longer my friend"- Amid Zappa(?) host of MTV's "Web Riot".

“The birth of modern Bowie: Pansexual lust, glam theatrics and brilliant songs”- Rob Sheffield, Rolling Stone Magazine

“Of his own future, Bowie hasn’t a clue what he’ll be doing at 60. But it’s safe to bet it will be in his own stream, not the main.”- Rod Usher, New York

Quotes From Songs

"Something kind of hit me today, I looked at you and wondered if you saw things my way"- We are the dead, Diamond Dogs

"He took it all too far, but boy could he play guitar" Ziggy Stardust, Ziggy Stardust and the spiders from mars

"Oh shadow love was quick and clean, life's a well thumbed machine"- John I'm only dancing, (I forgot the album, forgive me!)

"Beware the savage Jaw of 1984"-1984, diamond dogs

"You starve and near exhaust me Everything I've done I've done for you I move the stars for no one"- Within you, The Labyrinth soundtrack

"Theres such a sad love Deep in your eyes, a kind of pale jewel open and close within your eyes I'll place the sky within you eyes" - As the world falls down, The Labyrinth soundtrack

"I'll place the moon within you heart"- As the world falls down, The Labyrinth soundtrack

“And I’m gone gone gone, spinning slack through reality, dance my way falling up throught the years till I swivel back round when I fly fly fly Losing breath from the water till I’m gone gone gone”- Background vocals in Dead man Walking, Earthling

“I’m floating in the most peculiar way, and the stars look very different today”- Space Oddity, Space Oddity

“But we can’t stop trying till we break up our minds ‘Til the sun drips blood on the seedy young knights”-Sweet thing, Diamond Dogs

“Please savior, savior, show us Hear me, I’m graphicallly yours”- Bid Brother, Daimond Dogs

“I would take a foxy kind of stand, while tens of thousands found me in demand” Rock ‘N’ Roll With Me, Diamond Dogs

“And I’m gonna make my dream, Tell them will live my dream”-When I live my dream, (er, forgot a again)

“I’m drawn between the light and dark”, Quicksand, Hunky Dory