• Name Given At Birth: David Robert Jones

  • Date of Birth: January 8th, 1947

  • Place of Birth: Stanfield Road, Brixton, South London, England

  • Gender: Male (No-Brainer!)

  • Hieght: 5'10

  • Weight:?? (E-mail me if you know)

  • Eye Color: He was born with blue eyes, but during a fight as a teenager, his left eye was damaged, and his puple was permanantly paralyzed. Because of this his left eye appears either green or brown, depending on the light.

  • Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

  • Birthstone: Garnet

  • Birthflower: Carnation

  • Sexuality: David is openly bisexual. He has been married twice and had two children (son and daughter), so it's safe to assume his "boy obssesed days" (as he called them) are behind him- but it never hurts to look ;)

  • Residence: Bowie has houses in Ireland, New York and Bermuda. However, his primary home is in Ireland where he is legally a resident for tax purposes.

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