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Hey dudes. Grab a Dew and check this out. School has started and I have to finally accept that my summer break is over. Not Cool! I'm just waiting for Fall Break now. The summer summary keeps getting put off cause I'm a slacker, ya'll know that! I do hope to get one done though. I got all the photos developed, but I'm a little embrassed by them cause they aren't up to my usual standards. Some weren't taken by me, but the ones that were aren't much better. I've keep working on the Youth Group site; it's awesome. Bible Quizzing is starting up and I've got my Dew and Donuts and I'm ready for this year. WooHoo!!! Click Here to see my old site. Well email me with links and stuff like that. Later.
Oh, if you're ever in Indianapolis, Indiana, come to our youth group. It's R.O.C.K.s!(hehe)
Oh, and sign my Guestbook.

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