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Welcome To Bob's Home,
Old Beer Cans Wanted

Dead Or Alive!

Click on the picture to see my updated Indiana Motor Truck page and the 1925 Indiana I am restoring from the ground up.

This page is always under construction


This page was last updated on 4-5-2003.

This Page was born on 3-14-98 and will be updated often. I will try to keep it simple because I know not everyone has a 300 MZ computer and I know how slow all that garbage loads on a 25 Meg computer.
(Been there, done that!)...
WOW! 25 Meg computer! That was from the stone age!

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Wood Can Totes $55 Plus Shipping. Can Be Made To Open Like The Pic Or Like The Cardboard Totes. Partitions Can Be Removed To Hold Almost Any Size Can.

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