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the Biers:

an unofficial GURPS Discworld site

Welcome to the Biers, a bar of sorts in the famed Ankh-Morpork that seems to attract those of us who just don't belong anywhere else.

This page was created after much study of Discworld sites in order to help out those just beginning to start role-play or to become familiar with the game, GURPS Discworld. This is not a computer game or a MUD. This is a honest to goodness meet-on-a-Saturday-afternoon-and-drive-the-housemates-crazy kind of game. We are also Americans, a phenomenon which seems to be rather uncommon among Discworld lovers. Then again, Pratchett's books are sadly rather uncommon in the United States, but some of us have began to raise a fuss about this. Anyways. . .

Other topics included in this site will be a short biography of Susan Sto Helit, DEATH's granddaughter, a description of the Biers, some info on Ankh-Morpork, reviews of links I have found relevant to the Game and some poetry written by my players. I do hope you will enjoy it.

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This site was last updated on January, 14, 1999.
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