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World Trade Center Statement

    With the tears of sorrow that have visited Afghans so many times in the past 25 years, we extend our deepest sympathy to families who lost loved ones in the Tuesday September 11, 2001 tragedy. We severely condemn the evil and barbaric acts that took innocent lives in this great nation of ours!

    As Afghan-Americans we stand by our fellow Americans to defy these terrorists and to bring them to the iron fist of justice. After 25 years of war, Afghans know too well the pain of losing loved ones, helplessly watching the destruction of their homes, and constant fear of being targets for a cause they do not embrace. It is time for all Americans to stand united in defying the separatist objectives of a small gang of outlawed terrorists! We must not be divided by race, culture, color or creed! Americans can not let terror win. We must find strength in our diversity and heal the wounds so deeply inflicted on all of us.

    Islam or Muslims are not to blame, nor are Arabs or Afghans. All faiths have followers who interpret religion in their own way and use these interpretations to justify their actions. Just as David Koresh, Timothy McVeigh and even Hitler used religion to justify their deeds, these terrorists want to use Islam for their evil and inhumane ends. Let us pray for those innocent lives lost and hold hands in solidarity so that the terrorists know America will respond as one!