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The Adoption Storyteller

Last Updated May 7, 2000

Welcome to the Adoption Storyteller's Page. I'm Anomia Bogus, the storyteller. You'll find more about me here. I'm currently on hiatus and hope that you will forgive my current lack of creativity. Enjoy the stories that are already here and check back to see if new ones have been added!

Please be aware that nothing here is entirely TRUE, but neither is anything truly a lie!

You will find stories here that talk about life, love, loss, and healing. Whether or not you are touched by adoption, I hope you will identify with the feelings of the individuals described. I tell stories that are real, but don't look for the facts. Names are not as important to me as the hearts of the people who wear them. I'm terrible about dates and places, so you won't find those here, either! Just look for the feelings...if you don't find the point of the story, click on the hint link.

Also, please bear in mind that each story is a snippet of a much larger life. Each life contains both joy and pain in varying amounts at various times. No life is made or broken by the single fact of its being touched by adoption.

Stories will be updated as often as possible, but at least once a month. Visit often!

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The Adoption Storyteller

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