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Healthy Living Home Page

I am glad you are visiting my Healthy Living Home Page. It is my hope to create a place where one can learn to live in a more healthy lifestyle.

In March of 1997 I was unhappy with life. I weighed 256 lbs, had no energy, and did not want to do anything.

I have been overwieght since a little girl and felt like there was not any hope for me to lose. In High School I was on a lowcarb/high protein diet called the Air Force diet. The Air Force diet had you stay at 60 carbs a day or less. The faster you wanted to lose, the less carbs you ate.

My research in libraries and on the internet lead me to books, such as Protein Power by Eades, Dr. Atkins New Diet Revolution and The Carboyhdrate Addict by Rachel Heller. All of these books dealt with the premise of lowering your carbohydrate intake, and upping the protein.

I started by lowering my carb intake to 30 grams per day, and the weight started coming off. I felt better and had more energy.

Now 4 years later, in this wonderful year 2001, I am weighing about 153 lbs. I have kept off 100 or more for 3 years now. My daughter Dawn has also kept her weight off. I am happy at this weight. I created this site because I want to share with others what has helped me. I believe one can lose weight and not be hungry with the LowCarb Way of Life. I now consume about 75 carbs a day, and will try to continue to keep the weight off. The LowCarb Way of Eating is not a fast miracle diet, but it can work if you try.

I have found that exercise and strength training helped me, exercise is necessary. Do not let this defeat you, just do something active you enjoy, like walking, any sport, just try and move more. I like the feeling of energy I get with biking or walking. Its a great feeling to be able to lift things I could not before.

Please do not wait for the "MOTIVATION" to hit you. You can do this my friend! Just say to yourself 'I will begin now, this very minute'. When you act on your will the motivation will follow.

I went back to school after my weight loss and became an independant pastor. I want to wish you the best on your weight loss goals, I wish God's blessings on you. I am ready to stand with you if you need a shoulder to cry on, or just someone to talk with. Please email me, this web site is a part of my ministry. (br>

God Bless You my Friend. Pastor Diana Harlan Wells


Please explore all my pages, (they are listed under the pictures of my daughter and myself)

If you have questions, please email me.

Diana and Dawn Wells: These are our before and after pictures. I went from 256 to 148, and Dawn went from 110 to 85 as of February, 1998. Now Dawn is taller than her mother, but has maintained her weight loss. I am at 153 lbs now and am feeling great. I have maintained a 103 lb. weight loss as of January 12, 2001

I am not a health professional. All of the sites and information are things I have used personally in my life and found of benefit to me.

Please consult your own doctor before using any of the information found on any of my pages or links.

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