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Never trying to repeat itself, the band known as Thursday Club has, since 2001, consistently spewed forth disc upon disc of improvisational electronic madness-77 to date, to be exact. This of course does not include any type of group collaborations with outside parties, or the ever-expanding number of hours of sound collage and other late night madness done during their radio show, The Record Exchange-found every Friday night/Saturday morning, 4AM-7AM, on local college radio station, WCSB 89.3 FM- right after the world famous “669" program.

Using virtually any sound source possible, Thursday Club are firm believers that you can make sound out of almost anything-and will be the first to admit that much of their equipment came from garage sales and thrift stores. Old keyboards, effect pedals, used cassette tapes, children’s toys, drum machines, mixers galore-the sky is the limit. With most of their collection left at home-believe it or not, each performance varies in equipment brought, ultimately affecting the final output-leaving the listener with a mere “piece of the pie.” Even the most “hardcore” fans really have only sampled a mere portion of the diversified sonic existence that is Thursday Club. One thing is for certain-a myriad of wires will surround the general area, and most listeners will leave very confused-perhaps from the fact that after one listen, the secrets of the universe won’t seem so out of reach anymore.