Some Extraordinary Links

here are some links for yr enjoyment

Good Music

Press The Button's homepage...duh, the best radio show ever
Animals within Animals homepage
The Former Yugoslavia....this guys from asheville, north carolina + really treads the fine line on the whole ambient/noise meditative but loud and crazy at the same time...lots o' tracks to download there...including an entire set from Recycled Rainbow 5 which is badASS
Prantershifter's Homepage-this guy is so sick i dont even wanna try to describe what he does...lets just say i dont think anyone has blown my mind like the time i saw this guy for the first time...and he did a 17 minute set!...just check it out
Ethereal Transmission's homepage-some awesome dudes who we had the pleasure of meeting/playing/and partying with at Recycled Rainbow 7.5...visit their website by clicking on these words
Black Cabbage, baby! they made us nice pins and rediscovered my lost haikus!
J. Scott Franklin's homepage...This guy does a mean live set. we've been priveleged to perform w/ him on multiple occasions now as well as seeing him several times in the past and he never ceases to impress us. Combines Spoken Word, Guitar, Voice and Trumpet Loops...all done in real time for a very unique live experience...definitely one of our favorite local artists
our homeys 9 volt haunted house, whom we have had the pleasure of jamming with (and hopefully again and again) highly recommend them if you can tolerate our music and id still recommend them if you cant....
Self Destruct Button + friends lil web thingie.....if you dont know who they are...lets just say they are loud and intense and they will fuck yr shit up.....
the very versatile Johnny la Rock....from hip hop to indie to electronic music ... weve seen this dude freak a sampler ...
Infinite Number of if you dont already know....these cats play a live hyrbrid of electronic music and rock accompanied by live edited video projections containing all those pop culture remnants you forgot about

Chipotle Mexican Grille

eat chipotle

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