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Mike's Nano-Reef (After 5 months)

My tank so far...

Here's what the tank looks like after 5 months of constant fiddling.

My Fire Shrimp alongside my Green Striped Mushrooms

My Fire Shrimp decided to come out and say hello to everyone.

My Halloween Hermit Crab

Here's my Halloween Hermit Crab deciding to be king of my Chili Coral.

My Green Striped Mushrooms

A pic of my green striped mushrooms.

Purple Tonga Mushroom

A pic of my purple Tonga mushroom.


I received this frogspawn about a month ago from one of our reef society members (WWiley). When I first got it, the frag was barely visible. This is what it looks like currently.


This is another piece that started off very tiny, and has really started to grow.

Trumpet Coral

Here's a pic of my trumpet coral.

Yellow Star Polyps

Here's a cool pic of my Yellow Star Polyps.


This stuff spreads all over the tank like a bad rash.

Gold Striped Maroon with Bubble Tip Anenome

It took less than 2 minutes for this gold striped maroon clown to find his way into my BTA.

Lime Green Zooanthids

Another gift from one of my Reef society members.

Brown Zooanthids with Green Star Polyps

Yet another gift from WWiley. Bill = God. Thanks again man.

My Chili Coral with polyps extended

Had to turn on my lights for this shot. I think it was well worth it.

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