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Level 12 - Rodents Walkthrough

Quickie note - Taking a different approach at the walkthrough
email me at : if theres any problems with it, or if you have any comments.

1st thing - Attack the green wall
how to: use the image below and click every spot in the order it says, if you catch the pattern go on and do it on your own. 4 or less tiles black moves the wall back.

Step 2 - Go to the opened room on the left and grab a light bulb, you'll need it later.

Step 3 - Go back to the completed wall, and to the opened right room now. See the cupboard on the right? Click on the side of it to slide it. Next open up the one on the left for a wire crimper, you'll need that later.

Step 4 - Go right again, to another room. Straighten out the carpet, move the chair, and grab the key hidden up in the light, you'll need that later.

Step 5 - First off, you'll need something to write a code down with, notepad, or a simple piece of paper works fine. See the lamp? put the light in it, and then turn on the light. Move the light all the way up, then all they way down, write down the code, you'll need that later.

Step 6 - Click the locker so that it moves and opens up a passage.

Step 7 - Go back to the green wall and go to the closest room to the right. Next Start off by moving stuff, click the nightstand first until the bed has been moved and you can go down.

Step 8 - Well, there's only one room to go to, so lets go to the room on the right. Click the red button and step out.

Step 9 - Well, would you look at that? Another room to go in. Take the screwdriver and open up the panel. ONLY cut the green wire, it powers down the next gate for you. The rest, do nothing but make it a a bit darker.

Step 10 - Look at that, another room to walk into. First before anything take the key and try to open the cupboards. You'll get a screwdriver and another key.

Step 11 - Well I see something in the top left corner, click the wall and see if it moves. Wallah! it moves, hehe.

Step 12 - This time instead of going up, lets go back to the first room with the cool looking buttons.

Step 13 - Click the blue button this time, and leave the room, move the garden shelf or whatever you would like to call it, and make your way back to the green wall.

Step 14 - Take the other right door, and go through the passage. Next, go down that hole and off to your left.

Step 15 - If you have a left-over coin from level 11, buy a soda to quench your thirst. Then make your way left.

Step 16 - Remember that code you were supposed to write down? Now is the right time to enter it in carefully and hit enter, if it doesnt work the first time try it a second time. Use the key, open the door, and you're done. That's it for my walkthrough.

Note to fans : When level 13 comes around, please email me, i've kinda left the MOTAS community.

Thanks for visiting the site, i've noticed it's quite popular these days!