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Been busy starting a new job. I took down the Fiction temporarily as I wanted to rewrite some of it from scratch.

In other news, I'm slowly putting stuff up on the forums. Not a whole lot to say on that front. The banner that is currently up is only temporary as I am currently photoshopping a new banner. Although that is slow going because I just haven't had the time to sit down and really come up with a design I like. Other than that, keep checking back for more updates. Ooh Rah! Carry On.

Posted by SemperFi2382 01/03/06

I got around to finally getting a new forum. ProBoards just wasn't what I wanted so I canned them. The new forums are so much nicer, more powerful and overall is a much cleaner interface for keeping things in order. Anyways, I suggest you all take a look over there and see.

I still am looking for people that might be interested in doing concept art and the like as well. I will setup an area for people to post their work on the forums, with the chance of material making it onto the main site.

With the advent of the forum launch, I'll be updating once a week (hopefully), if not more often. So, check back often and don't forget to register over at the new boards. Ooh Rah! Carry On.

Posted by SemperFi2382 12/19/05

Holy Hell Batman, an update! That's right, I finally got around to updating this place. For those familiar with the old site, you can see why. I've gotten a new layout, which for the record is sweet. A very special thanks goes out to "Mindy" for creating this snazzy new layout. I'm bust re-writing all the past fiction and writing up a new one, so I'll not be updating as often as I would like just yet. For the moment, updates might be sporadic, but keep checking back. Ooh Rah! Carry On.
Posted by SemperFi2382 09/22/05




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