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The odd man cometh

A little Q and A about me

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Q: Where are you from?

A: Alton IL small Southern Illinois town about 20 miles from downtown St.Louis.

Q: What do you do for a living?

A: I am a technical support engineer. That is a fancy way to say I work for a help desk. People call in and ask for help installing their dsl equipment and I answer their questions and walk them through the installation of their dsl.

Q:What is your favorite food ?

A:steak,steak and steak with a side of gravy. A couple of buddies and I (who all love steak too) have a weekly guys night out when we gorge ourselves on all you can eat steak at the local TJ Sawyers (Edwardsville) if you are in town come out and join us! Ladies are definetly invited too!

Q:Are you a gamer?

A:Yes, that is the computer geeks right of passage did'nt you know! I usually only play computer games like serious sam and unreal tournament, but I have recently gotten into playing card games and role playing game like magic and d&d.

Q:Do you have a girlfriend ?

A: Not right now. I am looking (A good woman is hard to find)!

Q: What do you look for in a women?

A: I want a women not a little girl who thinks they are a women. I have dated one childish little girl after another and I am looking for an intelligent down to earth women that I can have an adult conversation with and generally acts like an adult and conduct herself in an adult manner.I dont like women who are too materialistic either that usually gets old real fast too.I guess I need to keep dreaming huh!

Q: What education do you have ?

A: I have and A.A.S in Network Technology and I am a Senior at American Intercontinental University Persuing my Bachelors In Information Technology of coarse(only 5 classes left,woo hoo )!

Q: what colleges have you attended ?

A: In order Lewis & Clark Community College(Boring), Monmouth College(expensive, Small country town setting, boring), Sanford-Brown college(ok, I guess) and American Intercontinental University( Excellent!, A little fasted pace but you learn alot in a short time).

Q: what is your favorite cartoons?

A: Ren and stimpy (classic haven't seen the new one yet heard it was mess'd up),Beavis and Butthead( ha ha yeah yeah),Woody woodpecker( love that flippin bird) The Simpsons(doough!), The Proud Family ( oscars brother is the shhh*** oooh watch your mouth only talkin about oscars brother) and last but not least Southpark (I killed kenny!,who has'nt)

Q: How do I get in touch with you?

A: Easy! juliusb1975@aol.com(use this one first) , juliusrichardbrown@hotmail.com(moderate) or mrbigstuff692335@aol.com (I dont use this much anymore used for junk mail)