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              The Book Of Revelations
                  Chapters 2:9 and 3:9

These two verses of scripture tell it all. They show the fact  there are people on this earth who are imposters of the Children of Israel, ..."those who say they are Israel and are not but do lie."

We all know there is a group of people who claim to be the ONLY true descendants of ancient Israel, and the world accepts them as Israelites. These people are known to the world as Jews. 

It has been shown  to you with the aid of The Bible, history and archaeology, that these people who call themselves Jews and present themselves to be the children of Israel do indeed lie. Just as these two scriptures and all the others I have presented show.

Revelation 2:9 and 3:9 can't be denied.  
You can't   label this anti-Semitism all the information has come from scripture, Revelation 2:9 & 3:9 are in your bible read them for yourself.

You can't label this "anti-Semitism" because It has been pointed out that according to scripture, the Jews are not the Biblical Israelites. Surely, I am not to blame for what was written thousands of years before I was born. 

The fact is,  Yah has allowed me to reveal long forgotten, hidden biblical truths, in his appointed season.  For those of you who are reading this for the first time, Praise the Most High Your eyes have been open, now you must continue to learn this truth. Research this information for yourself.   

So far you have seen from scripture that the children of Israel were a black skinned people from the beginning of their history.  You have seen the curses are upon the so called black people of the western hemisphere, who got to this part of the world as captives. 

You have seen how we lost our Identity.  You have seen from this site what our true nationality is. You have seen from scripture on this very page, that the people called Jews are not Israelites, they are lying about whom they are.   

All this information has been presented from scripture and history. If you still don't believe we are the true Israelites, then Yah has not given you understanding, yet. Let us move on we are not finish there is still more information to provide you with,  and maybe by the end of this site Yah will have open your eyes.  Those of you who can't see.