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For centuries our people have been in search of an identity, after having our true identity taken away. Our search has lead us down many different paths, some paths we've taken have lead us closer to the true path. There is only one path of truth, everything else is a road that leads to the true path or take us farther away from it.

Those of you in the black nationalist and Afro centric movement have been lead away from the true path. You have allowed the devil, through his minions, to deceive you big time. What is a black nationalist and Afro centric, those words and movements are creations of our enemies. He has thrown these falsehoods at you to keep you away from the truth of who we really are.  Let me explain what he has done to you.

By calling yourself a nationalist means you should have your own land, laws, government, & language, that is owned and controlled by you, you should be independent. My question to you is, where is your land, laws, government and what language do you speak? You are still a slave in the house of your slave master. 

Many of you don't know you have a land, Heritage, laws and language. The enemy has closed your eyes so tight that no light can get through. The same can be said for you brothers in the Afro centric movement. Both of you (nationalist, and Afro centric) have been lied to, the enemy has told you that all people of the earth who have black skin are one and the same group. He has taught you that you are a people he calls African.

Africa is not a nationality it's the name of a continent, this continent is named after a white man / Gentile (Leo Africanus)

There has never been A ONE UNIFIED GROUP WHO IDENTIFIED THEMSELVES BY THE TERM BLACK that's a European Racist creation, So is the Myth of an "AFRICAN PEOPLE".

The ancient Hebrews, Egyptians, Ethiopians, or Libyans never spoke of a place called Africa even though those people were indigenous to that continent. The word Africa is foreign to many of the indigenous people living there today, that's because the name Africa is From the Latin language. Latin was the language of the Romans, Leo Africanus was Roman, they called that land mass Africa, in honor of their military general who defeated Hannibal in the Punic wars. Look it up do the research.

The joining of all black skin people into one group was done by European Racist.  Allow me to explain how and why this happen. When the modern Gentile entered Egypt in the 18th century under Napoleon. They marveled at all the greatness of the Egyptians, they saw the pictures and statues the Egyptians made of themselves. They saw the black skin, thick lips, and woolly hair of the Pharoah's. These Gentiles were Christians so they knew about the Hebrews being in Egypt, they knew the story of Moses passing as Pharaoh's Grandson etc.

In Order to deny the truth, they created a lie. They took one indigenous tribe in Africa who still had traditional or what they call primitive culture and said this is how ALL black skin people are.  They all wear plates in the lips, swing from trees, don't have a written language etc etc yada yada blah blah.

By doing this they said the ancient Egyptians, Ethiopians, Hebrews, couldn't have been black, because they could write and build great things, so they lumped all black skin people together and called us African, black, and Negroes. They called the Egyptians, Ethiopians and Hebrews, white. Even though as scripture tells us the Egyptians & Ethiopians were brothers both descendants of Ham. The name Ethiopia means burnt or black face.

Today you have so called black scholars using the same terminology the gentiles racist created in order to deceive us.

You have been fooled into thinking you have made progress because you refer to yourself as African or black, instead of Negro, or nigger. You have not made any progress,  calling yourself black and African is the same as calling yourself Negro and Nigger. They are all bywords and proverbs they still don't explain who you are. The enemy knows your true identity, and he knows he can't let this information get out to the mainstream.

The people on the continent of Africa don't buy into the Gentile racist doctrine of all being one nation because we all have similar skin color. They see themselves as different nations and always have.

By putting us into one group the enemy is now able to make such statements as "AFRICANS SOLD OTHER AFRICANS INTO SLAVERY". no such thing, Black skin Hebrews were sold by other nations who just happen to have black skin, we were also sold by nations of people with white skin, olive skin, brown skin,  red skin and so on.

The enemy has also fooled you into believing the scriptures (bible) is not your book but his. You repeat his foolish doctrine by saying "THE BIBLE IS THE WHITE MAN'S BOOK".  Don't you understand that's what he wants you to think. He wants you to believe that you or your people have no hand in that great manuscript, that the Almighty who created the Heavens and the earth has nothing to do with you.   He wants you to believe that he is the chosen one, and sadly you are believing him. All of this is in the greater plans of the adversary Satan.

That great book known as the bible is your true history book, it is not the book of the Jews or Christians, it contains your entire history, past, present and future.    My brothers and sisters you must come out of that foolish Afro centric and black nationalist none sense, come back to your true nation.   Satan has a hold on your mind, he works through his minions to deceive you. 

Ask yourself this, IF YOU WERE REALLY A PEOPLE CALLED AFRICAN OR BLACK, WHY DIDN'T THE SLAVE MASTER TRY TO WIPE THIS AWAY FROM YOUR MIND SET. In the infamous Willy Lynch Letter, how to make a better slave, Willy says this:


Willy Lynch was advising the slave masters to take away the knowledge that we are Israelites. This is the culture that was wiped from our minds and replaced with phenomena of illusions like we are BLACK, AFRICAN, AFRO AMERICANS ETC.  Our slave masters told us we were black and African, he called us by these names, because he created them to be used on us. If we are "African" why didn't he wipe that away from our minds? Once you have understanding and see through the lies, he has thrown at you, then you can see why the scriptures (bible) is the most beautiful thing in this world.  I know you are looking for a place to fit in, you are in search of an identity. 

The bible has your identity, the bible is your identity, instead of making one up or have somebody create one for you, just come back to the one that was given to you by the creator of the heavens and earth. No man can take that away from you. I know many of you don't believe in Yah or Yahshuah (for those that may be unaware Yah is the name of the creator in Hebrew, Yahshuah is the Hebrew name of his son). That is your fault, some only acknowledge them because you understand that the messiah was black skinned, so you include this in your Afro centric doctrine. It's not about Skin color

Dealing with mankind on the basics of skin color is the doctrine of the devil. Yah the most high deals with man on the basics of nations.

When he destroyed Egypt he didn't do it because they had black skin, he did it because they were a WICKED NATION.  When he sent Israel into the hands of the Enemies, he didn't do it because we are a nation of black skin people, he did it because we as a nation didn't keep our end of the covenant we made with him.

When you call yourself black what does that mean? What is a black? Black does not constitute a nationality or culture. It is something that was created to keep you ignorant of your true Identity. Every man on earth is describe by his nation (Nationality), Chinese are people from China, Irish are people from Ireland, Polish are people from Poland, Mexicans are People from Mexico, Blacks are people from where? As I have already stated on this site, Black is a word that should be used to describe a noun. A black car, black skin, black hair, black book etc.  When you use black nationalist what does that describe?

Brothers and Sisters you are only confusing yourself and those around you. I've read some of the books by Afro centric authors, Many of them  are just as confusing. Let me show you an Example from the Chancellor Williams book  "THE DESTRUCTION OF BLACK CIVILIZATION" on page 135 he says this:

The religious belief in sacrifice for the remission of sins was an African belief and practice for at least 2000 years before Abraham. The results of a comparative study of the African, Jewish, and Christian religions have amazed many who have undertaken the task. Practically all Ten of the Commandments were embedded in the African Constitution ages before Moses went up Mt. Sinai in Africa in 1491 BC, a rather late date in African history.

Allow me to point out the confusion in this statement, Mr. Williams says the belief in Sacrifice for the remission of Sins was an African Belief 2000 years before Abraham.  What does he mean an African belief? There is no such thing, as I stated Africa is not a unified Group, Race, Nation or Nationality. What the Ashanti Tribe on the West Coast of Africa believe is not the same thing the Zulu's believe in South Africa, the same thing the people in Libya believe is not the same thing the People in the Sudan believe. 

Africa never has been one unified group with the same belief's and thoughts, they differ from group to group just like the rest of mankind do. Not all people on the Asian continent believe the same, not all people in Europe believe the same, so why do you expect the people on the continent of Africa to be the same? IT'S THAT WAY FOR THE SOLE PURPOSE OF DECEPTION.

What Mr. William has written concerning a African Belief is false, there never has been such thing as African Belief. Next he says the 10 commandments were embedded in the African Constitution ages before Moses got them from Yah on MT. Sinai.

Have any of you ever read this African constitution that has the 10 commandments embedded in it? HAVE ANY OF YOU EVER SEEN IT? NO,  nobody has ever seen or read such a thing, because it doesn't exist.  Speaking of constitutions which one is the model for the African continent, it is Ghana, Ethiopia, Liberia, Egypt, South Africa, Zimbabwe, you get the point, there is no united Africa.  Africa is home to many nations of different people.

To further confuse you, Chancellor says the Original Hebrews and Arabs were white people.

The people we call "Jews" indiscriminately are Hebrews by race and Jews by religion. Anyone can be a Jew, but not a Hebrew. The Hebrews and the Arabs are both white Semitic peoples, and no numbers of offspring by non-Hebrews and non-Arabs, or adherents to either religion will change this absolute fact. After all those centuries of racial mixing, there was nothing unusual about the appearance of great coloured leaders in Palestine or anywhere else in Asia, including, from time to time, their rise to kingship in Israel, Syria (Aram), Mesopotamia etc.

But the white Jews (Hebrews) and white Arabs remain exactly what they were-white@.

This is the same racist doctrine that the gentiles (whites) created in order to deceive us. One of your Afro centric scholars is teaching you the same thing, and you take it as Gospel.   Who taught Chancellor this lie, if you have read the material from this site you can see from history and scripture that the Hebrews were a black people / Nation.

In his book he identifies Egypt as a black nation, which is true, and we know throughout the scriptures the Hebrews are said to look like the Egyptians in Physical appearance. 

The scriptures tells us that:

  • Moses passed as Pharaoh grandson for 40 years (Acts 7:23),

  • Moses was called an Egyptian (Exodus 2:16-19)

  • The apostle Paul was mistaken for a black skin Egyptian (Acts 21:37-38),

  • Joseph was not recognized by his brothers in Egypt they thought Joseph was an Egyptian (Genesis 42:1-8)

  • Yahshuah was hidden in Egypt from the wrath of King Herod (Mat 2:13)


Also whenever Yah struck them with Leprosy their skin turned White, which means it was other than white to began with, it was the opposite of white.

How can Mr. Chancellor Williams Identify Egypt as a black nation but say the Hebrews were white, when the Hebrews passed for Egyptians, that is utter confusion. He is repeating the wicked Gentile racist doctrine, and sadly you have taken hold of it hook, line and sinker.

The truth about your black and African Movement is this, you have embraced White Supremacy, and put a black face on it.  This is why other black skinned people from around the world don't want to united with you. You have nothing to offer them, your people are in the richest nation on earth but are at the very bottom of society. How do you explain that, what is your answer for someone who ask you, "How did your people get in this situation?" How was it possible for a handful of slave traders to come, capture and disperse millions of people throughout the world?

How can you teach or Liberate anybody if you can't do the same for yourself, or your people?  The only thing you would take to the other black nations is white supremacy, that's what your movement is, you are spreading the doctrine of racist, you are doing the bidding of your slave masters. I know it sounds harsh but the truth must be told, this is not written in any way to offend you, but if it does, all I can say is, SO BE IT. THE TRUTH HURTS.  Our people is in a very critical crisis, we can no longer tolerate foolishness and deception. We as a people  only have two choices.  Continue to live by the lie and die or Chose the truth and live forever. The choice is always yours.