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Halleluyah Israylite Heritage is in the Process of opening Research and Fellowship Centers around the Country. These centers will be ulitize to help further the Yah ordained vision at IH, to restore the forgotten Heritage to the Forgotten People.

The Israylite Heritage Research, and fellowship centers will be a place for truth seeker to come and learn through fellowship and study the ways of Yah. The centers will open 4-5 days a week from 12pm -10pm.

Example: As we at IH go about spreading Yah's truth through fliers, video etc, most of the time the people want to know where are we located? Do we have a place they can come to learn more? So far all we have to offer in that line, is we meet online through paltalk. This is ok, Yah and Yahoshua are real has been a blessing to many Israylites. But..... not all our people have internet accessibility, meaning they don't have internet at home, and the libraries close early on shabat, so what are these brothers and sisters to do?

Well when we set up our centers, we can invite them in to come study. They can have access to every audio, text lesson, printouts, dvd's, and books, all in one place.  Plus we'll be there to help guide them through the scriptures. It can be awesome. This setup will be perfect for those who do and do not have internet access but still need that much needed guidance and fellowship.

From 12pm -7pm we will have the doors open for people to come in and study the word of Yah, we will have computers, books, video and audio research material for them utilize. Our research “lab” will be set up like a class room / library.

From 7pm – 10pm our centers will open to run along side our online weeknight rooms. 

Our hours of operation on Shabat will be from 10am -8pm, we will broadcast our online Shabat classes live in the centers. We may broadcast both Shabat classes, the children and our regular room, after class we will have a live in house question and answer session. We will also have many outreach activities going on to reach out to the community such as clothing and food drives / giveaways.

These are the visions Yah has given to us about the centers and the time is now to get them started. Halleluyah. The goal is to open a center in all districts including the international districts. YAH WILLING, our immediate goal is to open three centers in :

3. Virgina Beach VA



During our Virginia gathering, we raised almost $5,000 in donations for the hotel, event location, food, transportation, etc... So as we see, when we put our hands together in support, we can come together and accomplish anything !!! We have set a goal of $10,000 for the opening of the first 3 centers. The money collected will go toward aquiring a place / location (rent and security deposit), and equipment needed.  The Israylite Heritage Research and Fellowship Centers is a not for profit entity.

We can make this goal family !!! We can do this !!! Please click the "Donate" button below or copy and paste the URL donation direct link. If you know of anyone who would like to donate, please pass on this URL donation link.

If you would like to make a Donation
by Check or money order
Please make check or Money Order out to:
send to:
Israelite Heritage
PO Box 39210
CHICAGO, IL 60639-0210

The donations will go towards the operation of these centers which includes equipment. So please look over the lists below. If you have any of these items that you can supply physically that would be a blessing ! Email us on the equipment that you have that you can send us. If you also have any skills that we have listed below, please reply back at the email noted on this page. Some of you may of already sent some of your skills to the email that was given during our assembly meetings. So if you would like to still reply to this email or know of someone who is willing to give equipment or any of the listings below, please email to the email listed on this page. The physical address to send needed equipment and supplies will be coming soon for each of these locations.


If you have any equipment that you no longer use that is still in workable condition of the following equipment, That would be appreciated also. Also any equipment that may be repairable to use.

1. New or Used Computers / or Laptops
2. CD's - Rewritable and Regular Burnable / New
3. DVD's - Rewritable and Regular Burnable / New
4. CD & DVd Case Holders
5. CD & DVD Sleeves - paper or vinyl
6. New or Used Printers
7. Projectors - That are compatible to PCs ,tv's, and DVD players
8 Projector Screens
9. Audio Equipment for showings : DVD players,all types of sound/audio equipment


1. Printing paper - for flyers, booklets, etc..
2. Notebook binders - 1",2",& 3" - used or new
3. Pocket folders - regular 2-prong w/pockets or 2 pockets only, vanilla pocket folders, and plastic/vinyl
4. Pens and pencils
5. Notebook paper
6. Index cards
7. Staplers - hand and large staplers for stapling booklets of different sizes - used or new
8. Rubber bands
9. Paper Clips
10. Office trays - stackable and single
11. Any other supplies you feel may be needed not listed above


You may be thinking about getting rid of some furniture that may be old or that you no longer need. If that is the case, why not donate it to the centers ? Any furniture or items listed below, whether used and in good condition or new would be greatly appreciated !

1. Chairs - folding chairs all types, wooden, padded, etc...
2. Office chairs - standard plain or any you have that you can give
3. Long folding tables - for the research library rooms with PC's
4. Shelves - iron, wooden, metal, etc.. for books, supplies, etc..
5. Desks - All types
6. Couches and Love Seat Chairs - for sitting rooms and reception areas


1. Computer Repairers / Programmers/ Website Buiders
2. Technicians and Electricians
3. Teachers - all age groups -all subjects
4. Printers - skills of printing newspapers, flyers, brochures
5. Financial - Accounting/Legal/ Copyright & Patent