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Do You Have Suggestions For My Site?

Do You Have Suggestions For My Site? If So, I'd Like To Hear Them!! Hi, this is Lyle here and I would love to get suggestions, Ideas, anything you great people have to put on my website. As you already know, I already accept pictures. I am looking for ideas on whole new pages for my site, as I have been "strapped" trying to constantly keep updating my site. So, PLEASE try to help me by emailing me. Thanks MUCH!! Remember, I couldn't keep this site going w/out you guys so please keep coming back. Also, I am starting a dirtbike, go-kart, mini-bike, etc... page for the summer, I will take suggestions on that too. Thanks again, -Lyle, P.S.-My email is at the bottom of this page and my homepage as well. Thanks