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My Photo Album


A selection of some of my favorite photos - spanning the spectrum from the sunny beaches of South Africa, where I was born, to the snowy winters of Chicago, USA, where I live now.

 These are all thumbnail images, so click on them if you want to see them in larger format.  Then, hit the back button on your browser to get back here and see the rest.  Enjoy.


heckpup.jpg (33543 bytes)

heckpup2.jpg (65551 bytes)

heckpup3.jpg (64224 bytes)
1.   Sweet, cute, ooh, aah - take your pick. 2. Exploring a South African Beach 3.  Snoozing under the covers - my favorite place.
heckpup4.jpg (55147 bytes) heckpup5.jpg (61628 bytes) hecky6.jpg (67162 bytes)
4.  Prancing with my new South African Flag leash 5. Chewing on a bone (though not the real kind) 6.  Chewing, not fetching - I'm not a retriever, after all
hecky7.jpg (92521 bytes) hecky8.jpg (30711 bytes) hecky9.jpg (40631 bytes)
7.  Remember that favorite place 8.  Yep, that's snow. Yep. that's a sweater 9. You looking at me?


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