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Welcome to Vom Edelkrieger Kennels.

A breeder of V.D.D. Deutsch Drahthaars.A registered kennel and member of the VDD/GNA (VEREIN DEUTSCH DRAHTHAAR/GROUP NORTH AMERICA)Since 1996.Located in the Chicagoland Area.

The Deutsch Drahthaar was developed in Germany in the early 1900's for the personal hunter.The Drahthaar has been bred to be a versatile gun dog capable of pointing,retrieving and tracking all species of upland game as well as waterfowl. They are also used to Blood track wounded deer and boar.The drahthaar is a very loyal dog,protective yet friendly.Drahthaar have great hunting desire willing to with stand the most punishing weather and cover , to do the things they love the most.

The Drahthaar is the gun dog for the hunter who enjoys to hunt.They're a gundog you could hunt waterfowl in the morning,and upland in the afternoon,and if need be blood track a wounded deer at dusk and be a great family dog at night.Not many gundogs can claim those tasks.Im breeding for all those reasons.And more I like a close working ,obediant,trainable companion not just meat dog.

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