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We will oncle again resume our meetings after the Christmas break. Sorry for the lack of updates recently. I had eye surgery right before Christmas and wasn't up to "doing the computer thing" for awhile. Our next meeting is : Thursday, Feb. 14. 2002

WE WILL ONCE AGAIN MEET AT Maverick's.3010 NMLK Dr., Decatur. We will meet @6:00 so that we can go to the salad bar @6:15. The meal consists of chicken/steak with the salad bar. $10.

SPEAKER: Dr. Byron Andreasen of Springfield. Dr. Andreasen will be talking to us about "Conflicting War Sentiments on the Decatur Methodist Circuit: the Civil War Church Trial of Reverend Arthur Bradshaw." Dr. Andreasen received his J.D. from Cornell University and practiced law in New York. He earned his PHD in history from the U of I. He has taught at the U of I and also at ISU. He is currently employed with the Illinois Historic Preservation Agency in Springfield. This should prove to be quite an interesting talk and one that gives us more of an insight to our local area history. Let's all give Dr. Andreasen a warm reception.

The left picture shows one of the DCWRT member's, Jean Patrick, dressed in her Civil War period clothing. She addressed the group at the Memorial Day Ceremony held at Fairview Park on May 24, 2001. The picture on the right is Rev. Richard Corwin, a DCWRT member, who gave a wonderful talk about Memorial Day. He aslo led us in prayer and song. We never knew what a wonderful, resounding singing voice he has! The event is held annually at Fairview Park, Decatur, at the monument for the Union Civil War Veterans.

"Civil War Saturday"

The event was held at the Macoupin County Historical Society Museum. The pictures are of the speaker: Doug Lippman and "Abe Lincoln" who put in an appearance despite the dreary, damp weather.


The first picture is the wreath that the Decatur Civil War Round Table presented at the Annual Lincoln Death Day Ceremony on April 14, 2001, at the Lincoln Tomb, Springfield, Il. The second is a picture of presenters of wreaths from various organizations. Each group was called one by one,presented his/her wreath, and stood on the steps of the Lincoln Tomb. Groups from varying states were present.

Charlie & Jo Munie and Joey & Jacquie Szalankiewicz (members of the Decatur Civil War Round Table) at the Lincoln Death Day Ceremony along with the wreath that was presented. Charlie Munie presented the wreath on behalf of the DCWRT. There were approximately 100 people present at the ceremony. Organizations and guests came from Illinois, Missouri, Wisconsin, Minnesota, & other places. It was warm spring day and good turnout for the solemn occassion.

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Important Future Events

  • MARCH 2002. Symposium in Kankakee
  • APRIL 2002, Lincoln Death Day Memorial, Springfield, IL
  • JUNE 2002,Military Group Symposium in Arthur

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