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OK Since my dad wont get on here to do this I guess that I will do it myself. My dad bought the dune buggy In the nice warm summer of 1994. After about 2 summers of it apart all over my garage. My dad finally gave up on the engine he had and bought a running engine out of a 1971 beetle. My dad has had a dream ever since he was a teenager to turbocharge a car. He figured that this was his chance. He started off by boring out his engine so that he had a 1915cc. He bought his turbocharger next. He found a Garret T3 turbocharger off the internet. His next plan was to upgrade from a progressive weber to dual kadrons. He fabricated all the peices he needed for his turbocharger by himself and ended up saving alot of money. He just got his engine put back together and the turbo charger on just as winter came around. Oh well.