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To long He's wandered in Winter ... Far from our far reaching gaze...
The wait is over ... Let the dream begin ...




Welcome to my Lair... otherwise known as Angels place :-)
For those who haven't figured it out ...
I chose my chat name from my favourite Story and Musical ...
*Phantom Of The Opera*

Yes I am obsessed with the *Man*, the *Story* and the *Musical*
nothing will ever compare ! ... a tragic love story like no other !
The story of Erik the Phantom and his unrequited love for Christine
also the most romantic and sensual play ever written
Soooo, those that know the story, or have seen the play
will know why I named this site "Angels Lair".. !!!

Ohh... Don't be surprised to see lots of Phantom things on my pages...
What else would you expect to find in a Lair !!!

Please don't forget to sign my Guest Book

That's all I ask of you :)

*Please remember to hit the refresh button if you are revisiting any of the pages
as new things are sometimes added*

Ok a bit about me..... *Hiya and welcome* for those that don't know, my chat name is *Angel_of_Music*, Im from Melbourne - Australia, and if you want to know the rest :-) . Please scroll down and Enter my Family link to learn more about Me and My Family.

*You'll find more family pics on Mums page* :-)

This could make the best sellers list you know!!!...

Only my friends pages are still under construction, cause I am still adding all the great freinds I've made on here, but feel free to have a look around :-)

For all you real Phantom phans out there I have added a link on this page, its called
*The Phantoms Masquerade*
It belongs to a friend of mine, who I think is a genius in writing Phantom Fiction
If you like reading anything on phantom fiction this is the page to visit. This girl can tell a story like no other, that I have read, she keeps you captivated the whole time your reading, and then wanting more.
If you enjoy her work as much as I have, I think you will be putting her site in your favourite list and returning to look for more great stories :-)

The Phantoms Masquerade....

*Just click on the Mask above to take your journey*

Sign or drop me a line :-)

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This site was last updated September 2006

Disclaimer: Not all of these images, songs, animations in this home page were created by me, although I've edited some of them. They are reproduced for educational, historical, and illustrative purposes only. The copyright of them belong to the respective owners, creators, or producers. Thankyou



Lyrics and Song Downloads

These pages were created for your enjoyment, feel free to download songs,
or if your just looking for the lyrics of one of your favourite Phantom melodies,
you will find them all here

Click on the musical note for music to surround you...
Feel it... Hear it... closing in around you...
Open up your mind
Let your fantasies unwind
in this darkness which
you know you cannot fight...
the darkness of
the Music of the Night...

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