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In Memory of Alicia O'Brien-Disandro:
A Friend of Faith
October 17, 1985-August 18, 2000
"Thanks for blessing us with your life;
We love you always, Alicia."

For fourteen wonderful years, family and friends were blessed to have a kind, lovable, and determined girl, beautiful inside and out, in their lives who gave her heart and soul out to others. In the years of her life, she was a very known person, not just because of her generous heart, but because she had an awful illness, brain cancer. Loving each moment, even the hardest times, she truly touched and inspired others by giving them the love and friendship that they'll cherish forever. Alicia O'Brien's spirit will never die in each of our hearts, for she's part of us, as she gives us each so much to live for each minute of our lives and is a role model to so many. Through this website, we hope that you, too, will be inspired by this wonderful person who influences each of our actions forever. As Alicia watches each of us from above, we want her to know from all of us "We love you, Alicia, and we'll never forget you. Thanks for all the wonderful times you gave us; you're truly an angel."






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