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Astral Projection

Astral projection is a subject that fascinates most people in knowing that they are able to project their etheric or astral body to another realm. Astral projection is where you will your astral body to temporarily leave your physical body to travel the etheric, astral, ethereal plane, or "The Shroud". Astral travel is also known as an OBE (Out of Body Experience) and most of us have experienced them without even knowing. My first experience with OBE happened at the age of 13 and I will never forget it. Most OBEs happen so quickly that sometimes you'll never remember them, but most you will.

How can I astral project?

APing is a hard thing to do, for it requires a lot of concentration and force of will in order for it to work. What makes it hard is that our astral body isn't used to being willed out of our physical body and our physical body isn't used to having our astral body willed out. The only exception to this matter is dreams, where the astral body temporarily leaves our physical bodt to wander the nearby ethereal realm. So how can you project? It takes a lot of hard practice, but I'll share with you the methods that I have used. First of all you might want to find a nice quiet spot where you won't be bothered. Then you make your surrounding atmosphere comfortable for your own personal preferences (lighting, sounds, etc.). After this you then find a spot to either lie down or sit up. You can do AP in any form of meditation, it's all a matter of personal comfort. I usually lie flat on my bed face up and then begin taking deep breaths while clearing my mind. Repeat this process until you begin feeling your body getting lighter and tingly. In this stage you should begin, in your mind, telling your astral body to drift out. This process if very difficult because your astral body is not use this kind of demand. If you happen to do it correctly you'll begin to feel a miniscule swaying in your body followed by heavy amounts of tingling. This at first might be very uneasy, but do remain in concentration or it will disappear. When you begin to feel your body get extremely tingly you'll also feel as though you are drifting off asleep, but try to stay focused. Your body is so relaxed that your astral body thinks you are asleep. Remain conscious or you will drift off and have an LD (Lucid Dream). At this point will you astral body to fall, roll, or jump out of your body. This takes a lot of willing. If done correctly you'll feel a jerk and then black out for a couple seconds and when you do you'll find yourself in a very alien realm.

NOTE TO NEWBIES: Your first projection might be short because seeing the astral realms might shock you or your astral body and/or body. Your astral body or body will react to this shock and your AP will end. So, a note is to keep calm and keep concentration.

What's the difference between Lucid Dreams and Astral Projections?

There in fact is a big difference between Lucid dreaming and Astral projection. Lucid dreaming happens while you are sleeping and Astral projection happens while you are awake. 50-70% of the US population have experienced LDs, while 14-25% of the population has experienced AP. When LDing you cannot see your body, but while you are APing you can see your physical body as well as a "silver cord" attached to it from your astral body like an umbilical cord. The major difference between LDs and APs is that while LDing you have more control as to what happens in the ethereal realm, but the duration of LDing is limited. While APing you have semi-control to what happens in the astral/etheric real, but the duration is as long as you remain concentration.

What's with the different realms/planes?

The astral realm is the main realm that you travel in APs and the ethereal is the main realm you travel in dreams and LDs. There are in fact other realms which a person who is astral can travel too and the number of realms nearly infinite. On the other hand the astral body commonly travels the ethereal, astral, etheric, and "The Shroud". Here is a description of the realms:

What is the "Silver Cord"?

The "Silver" or Ethereal Cord is a link between the astral body and the physical body. This cord is sometimes referred to as the "life link" to the physical body and if ever severed it is said that the astral body will deterioate and the physical body will die. I have not seen this before when projecting, but I have discovered ways to manipulate a cord and make it invisible.

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