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A site for Canadians who have "migrated" south.   We will act as a clearing house for links, news and information pertinent to Canadians living in the US.  Why spend hours searching the web when we do it for you?

According to Stats Canada, 62,131 Canadians left Canada during 1999-2000, many of them moving to the United States. Some have come as temporary workers (Trade NAFTA, H-1B Visas) or married Americans, hold dual citizenship or to seek permanent residency or citizenship.  And however much we may enjoy or appreciate our new lives, we still feel that the need to seek out other Canucks and connect with home.     

We want to make this a site by Canadians for Canadians and welcome all submissions (written or photos), comments and suggestions.  If you have interesting experiences and observations about moving to and life in the United States that you would like to share, please forward them to us.  All we ask is that the submissions be "family oriented" in language and subject.   There is so little on the web geared towards Canadians who have moved to the US and we hope to be able to fill that gap and provide connections for Canadians throughout the country. 


Our very own forum.  Discuss life in the U.S. with fellow Canadians! 

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