Tiffani Vaughan, Internet Model for Photo, Film, and Art Schools

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Tiffani Vaughan is an Internet Model that has everything commercial photographers look for in a photo model. Her figure has artistic lines that produce seductive curves where they should be, roundness where it's most pleasant, and a smile that demonstrates the personality within the person. Photographers enjoy working with her because of these attributes, and many more professional attributes. As a photo model she is being sought by not only photographers but their clients. Fashion magazine seek Tiffani because she wears a size 2 dress, and commands a look range from teenager to adult female. Art Schools employ Tiffani to provide their students with a figure model with a figure. Photographers hire Tiffani for a versatility. Tiffani loves experimenting and photographers love photo models that are willing to experiment to get "the shot" that will cover a magazine, or promote a product. Tiffani's modeling assignments range from posing for artists, and art schools to fashion and product catalogs, and, because Tiffani also sings, she is a natural for music videos.

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Tiffani possesses the commercial look that sells products. She is a natural for film and thus has a promising future in television and motion pictures. Disciplined, hardworking, and professional Tiffani Vaughan is a photo model for all seasons. During photo shoots she remains patient, a characteristic honed as a pose model, as the photographers seeks the right shots at the right angles. As a photo model her objective to give the photographer what they want, and she is quick to come up with suggestions for poses that more often work than not. She has posed for erotic photography, figure drawings and paintings, commercial layouts, produce labels, catalogs, and magazine layouts. Over the past year she has been featured on numerous websites promoting a wide variety of products and services; including her own promotional sites like this one.

You are more than welcome to come inside and view free pictures that reveal the versatility associated with this model for all seasons.

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