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Updated on February 26, 2000

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3 new stories in the Unfinished Section

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Wouldn't You Love To Love Her?  - A Justin story with a bit of the others on the side for tastiness.

Beth and Becky  - Not the best story on the site...I don' t recomend it personally...It was written with a very bored friend of my.  Props to Bets. (oh's about all of them, meaning Nsync and BSB)

Falling  -A murder mystery, probably one of my faves. It's a BSB group fic...Except Howie's not in it...I kinda ignored him.  I DO recommend this one.  I do...

Untitled/Unfinished  - This is a long fantasy story...Sort of about Brian...He's in some of it...And Lance too.  Recommended by 5 out of 8 Bryna's...  REALLY SHE TOLD ME!

Don't Let Me Go  - This one is like...I don't know what it is like.  It's got all of the BSBers in it...It is also co-written...Props to Jane...I think.  I guess I recommend this one.

Throw It All Away  - This is the first story I ever wrote...People say they like it...It's a Lance story (sequel, follow-up on the page as well.)  I am also trying to fix this...edit look back later for the fixer upper, if I ever get to it.

Throw It All Away: Frozen  - Look!  The sequel is right under the first part!  AMAZING...Anyway also a Lance story of course...Not the second story I wrote....Just thought you'd like to know.

Here We Go  - This is a JC story...I like it so you do to!  YOU DO!  So read it...It's a good one.  

Here We Go 2: The More Lies The Better  - This is the sequel (obviuosly) to Here We Go...It's just as good in my opinion...maybe even better...What do you think Bryna?...I don't remember, she says....Oh well.

Maggie  - Ok this is a Joey one...I can't remember who else is in it...It's mostly Joey though...Props to Jane for creating the annoying girl...(Lydia, for some reason people find Lydia annoying)

Snowed In  - This was like the second story I wrote.  It's a Nsyncer one so...yeah...I think you can guess what it is about.

Dark (K)nights  - This story can get confusing...In a way it's a 3quel to Here We Go...JC and his son appear in it...Don't worry you don't have to read the other Here We Go's to know what is going on.  Everyone is in it.


Sam  - This is a Lance story, I think his name is William in just forget it...Read it damn you...Tell me how to finish it!

Forever Yours...Eternally  - This one takes a spastic turn...It's a vampire story...I changed everyone's names...If you can guess who is who you win the fabulous floor prize!  (I'll give it to you when you figure it it's not that obvious)  If you came to read fan fic, this is not the story for you...But it does kick ass in my book, so READ!

Rock The Cradle  - NEW!  Weird kidnapping thing, sorta interesting, Bryna Pa reccomends this one.  

Untitled  - NEW!  This is the promised Chris story.  It's sort of a sequel to Rhiannon, but it's not because you don't have to read Rhiannon for this to make sense.  It's good.  Yay.

Fade Into You  - NEW!  This is not one of my best, just another story starring AJ and another one of his many illegitimate children.  




*I am going to put up the beginning of a story...for the READERS to finish...I thought it was a good idea and anyone who can get through all the crap on my page is worthy of sending parts of it'll have that up soon, as soon as we figure out the best way to do it*

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