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Quality Custom Made Models

Ever Wish Breyer Would Make a Model of Your Beloved Horse? SunDog Creations gives you the opportunity to have your favorite companion immortalized with a high quality, highly detailed model in its likeness. SunDog Creations offers horses, cats, and several breeds of dogs for your custom. I can even do some livestock and wild animals! These personalized critters make great gifts for anyone who has a special animal close to their heart. If you are interested in having a custom model done, please E-Mail me. When you buy a SunDog model, I make a monetary donation from each model towards a worthy animal cause!



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When you buy a SunDog model, I make a donation to an Animal Welfare Organization. I donate $5 for each Traditional Model and $3 for each Classic, Stablemate, or Companion Animal Model. Feel free to request that a donation to go to a particular organization! See my Links page for some of my favorite animal organizations!