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Sammy Sosa is Communist!

Sosa Slam Wait a second.... you thought he came from the Dominican Republic? Well, you're wrong. CIA and FBI agents have recently informed officials that Sammy Sosa was really born in Cuba, and led a luxurious life in the palace of Fidel Castro. After learning of Communism, Sosa took part in an evil plot to take over the democratic kingdom of the world; America. With the powers granted to him by the evil side of government, "Slammin' Sammy" took America's pastime by storm by hitting 66 home runs and becoming the National League's MVP. But once again the American icon, Mark McGwire, just completely annihilated the feeble forces of Communism this year. And what about that Dominican Republic thing, you ask? An evil ploy to make him seem like a nice guy from a poor family. Don't be fooled by his nefarious tricks! Enter the realm of...Sosa Slam! Obviously this page is make believe. This may seem reminiscent to the McCarthy days, but in reality it is just an angry White Sox fan lashing out against their rivals. If you have a problem with this site then you are paranoid and are wasting your time, which you must have too much of anyway (I never said that I don't have too much time).

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