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SJsquared's Classical and Baroque MIDI Collection

Although I saw it as boring previously, I started liking classical and baroque music when I was browsing the MIDIs in my multimedia encyclopedia when I was in sixth grade. Since then, I have collected a number of classical and baroque music CDs and MIDIs. I have put my favorite MIDIs here for you to download. This page also provides my own opinions on my favorite composers. This page is divided into several sections:

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Johann Sebastian Bach
George Frideric Handel
Ludwig Van Beethoven
Johann Pachelbel: Canon in D
Other MIDIs

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

My favorite classical composer is Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. After watching the movie "Amadeus", I appreciated his music even more. With the exception of the solemn Requiem, his music is often sweet and playful, which is what I like about his style. Listen to his music and wake the child in you.

MIDI files: