I Couldn't Have Done It Without You!


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The band Slaughter: Without you, there would be no good music left in the world!

Slaughter...pt.2: I wanted to thank you for all you've done to keep Rock-N-Roll alive! It doesn't go unnoticed! And for how welcome you make, not only my family and I, but all of your fans feel when we go to a show.

Ken...my dad: You've shown me to go for my dreams, no matter how silly they sound to someone else.

Renee...my sister: Thanks for all the computer help! Now, if I get a scanner under my tree...how available are you on December 26th?????

A Heartfelt Thank You Goes To
Tim Kelly
We never formally met, but the kindness, you
showed me when I attended the meet & greet's
made me come back again and again. You were
truly a gentleman in the greatest sense of
the word. You are, and always will be truly