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Sam's Angels

Have you ever met an angel? What was it like? How did you know? The Bible talks about Angels as messengers of God, and seems to include preachers as well as Heavenly beings. There are other texts that mention angels as heavenly visitors with a purpose. And, there are fallen angels - demons. How can you tell between them?

Here's to the crazy ones...
The misfits...the rebels...the troublemakers...
The round pegs in the square holes........ the ones who see things differently...

They're not fond of rules....and...they have no respect for the status quo.
You can quote them.... disagree with them...glorify...or vilify them...
....about the only thing you can't do ............. is ignore them,

...because they change things.
...they push the human race......forward.

And while some will see them as the crazy ones....we see genius..

..because the people who are crazy enough think that they can change the world
. .........are the ones who do.

(copied from) October 1997

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Here are a few links to Angel books or music - they'd make great gifts!

"The Littlest Angel" by Charles Tazwell, child's book charmingly illustrated by Paul Micich.

"The Accidental Angel" by Jackie Torrence, two Afro-American tales by a Master Storyteller on cassette tape.

Mommy's Little Angel beautiful doll from "Phyllis Parker's Dolls" collection.

"City Of Angels" VHS Video.

"City Of Angels" DVD in snapcase.

"City Of Angels" Motion Picture Soundtrack, CD.

"City Of Angels" Original Broadway Cast music recording - CD.

"Songs Of Angels" Christmas Hymns and Carols, CD by Robert Shaw.

"Voices Of Angels" Classical CD - Johann Sebastian Bach

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