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Elementary - High School MAGNETIC POETRY Interactive website that allows user to create poetry on poetry board.
Elementary - High School INTERACTIVE ENGLISH Interactive website contains exercises for ESL students.
Elementary - High School WORD SEARCH Interactive website contains 140 word search puzzles.
Elementary - High School GRAMMAR TUTORIAL Interactive website contains quizzes on six areas of English grammar.
Elementary - High School GRAMMAR PAGES Interactive website contains grammar exercises.
Elementary - High School WORD GAMES Interactive website contains word games in English and in Japanese.
Elementary - High School ESL QUIZ CENTER Interactive website contains quizzes on grammar, reading, and other subjects.
Elementary - High School BASIC ELEMENTS Interactive writing lesson and quiz site for basic sentence parts, structure, style, vocabulary, spelling & more.
High School - College METER QUIZ Interactive website tests knowledge of poetic meter.
Elementary - High School INTERACTIVE NOVEL Interactive website where you create a section to add to  ongoing novel.
Elementary LEWIS CARROLL Interactive games based on Alice In Wonderland.
Elementary - High School POET'S CORNER Interactive website with poetry contest, poem in progress, a virtual poem post card.
High School INTERACTIVE SHAKESPEARE Interactive website with sonnet and play quizzes.
High School - College CHALLENGE QUIZ Interactive website contains quiz game based on subjects randomly chosen.
Elementary - High School TOWER GAMES Interactive website for games such as story writing and word puzzles.
Elementary - High School - College AMERICAN LITERATURE Contains key websites on American Literature.
Elementary - High School - College MULTICULTURAL BOOKS Website provides reviews of multicultural literature. 
Elementary - High School - College SHAKESPEARE Complete works plus other websites.
Elementary - High School - College ILLINOIS SHAKESPEARE Contains information about Illinois Shakespeare Festival and many websites.
Elementary - High School - College MARK TWAIN Website contains information including etext, articles, and photographs.
Elementary - High School - College CMU POETRY INDEX Website contains etext, essays, and links to other poetry sites.
Elementary - High School - College ONLINE WRITING LAB Purdue University website contains student and teacher resources to improve writing.
Elementary - High School - College TOWER OF ENGLISH Website contains teacher resources and English practice activities for ESL students.
Elementary - High School - College GUIDE TO GRAMMAR AND WRITING Website contains grammar and writing lessons, interactive quizzes, and question answer section.
Elementary - High School - College LITERARY RESOURCES Website contains extensive selection of literary websites.
Elementary - High School - College ENCYCLOPEDIA MYTHICA Website contains information about mythology, folklore, and legend.
Elementary - High School - College INTERNET LIBRARY Website is a library on the internet.
Elementary - High School - College ENCARTA ENCYCLOPEDIA Website contains free section of 16,000 abridged reference topics and world map.
Elementary - High School - College PBS Public Broadcasting Service website contains multiple subjects plus teacher and student resources.
Elementary - High School - College CENSORSHIP Bibliography of banned books, links to books, articles, and other links.