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Proverbial Zen! -- Poetic Zen Guidance

What to Expect

This site is dedicated to the idea that Zen needs lotus-sitting like wisdom needs a hole in the head. Yoga and Hindu fatalism are contrary to the Buddha's message of freedom. You may have found lotus-sitting also requires elaborate mind-training which in turn requires classrooms which give every mood a report card, and every effort to find peace for a proper while a grade. The need to be a perfect picture of serenity 24 hours a day, implied by some Zen teachers, gets to be a source of terrible frustration, and many people give up on Zen rather than endure it. The Zen which underlies the poems in the interior of this site encourages the moods you already live with; and the message it implies removes the brainwash they use at school to make you think you cannot live another moment without a straight-A in their courses on the one binding-on-all way to live. Zen, instead, takes the wisdom of life to heart, that suchness comes in great variety. Selling water by the river, maybe; but you may count on finding it easy and simple as well, without any obligation to make eager converts. Proverbial Zen is not guaranteed to make you a religious prophet, but it will make you wise to those who mistake the portion of wisdom which is your lot, and benefit, already. It will not make you the life of the party; but overnight you will find that necessity to be the clearest shrug you may never have dreamed of, even for so long as an instant of dreamless Zen. Bon voyage!

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